June 14, 2024

Report: Tesla Crashes in China After Accelerating by Itself


A Tesla in Chengdu, China, reportedly crashed against a column in a parking structure after accelerating by itself.

China’s state-run media outlet, the Global Times, reported in a recent article that a tesla in Chengdu, China, crashed against a column in a car park on May 25 after accelerating by itself. Tesla claimed that no fault was found in the vehicle’s braking system and that the incident was the result of driver error.

“After reviewing the available data it showed that the driver pressed on the accelerator to reach a maximum speed of 21.68 kmh before the incident and the driver did not press the brake before the collision,” said Tesla.

The accident happened when the driver drove his Model Y vehicle into the parking lot. The car suddenly accelerated by itself and hit the column, damaging the car and causing airbags to deploy. The driver, whose surname is Zhu, stated: “I was pressing the gas pedal lightly to find a park lot but the car suddenly accelerated. Before I knew it, the car hit a column. Everything happened in two seconds,” adding that similar incidents had also happened before. “I no longer feel safe driving this car,” they stated.

Tesla stated that it provided detailed vehicle data to the driver and suggested they introduce a third-party to review the situation, which Zhu refused stated that he does not trust the data provided by Tesla. “I’m not the only one. So many car owners have the same problem. The system must be defective,” Zhu said.

A man in Shenzhen, China, also alleged that he was locked in a Tesla Model 3 for 15 minutes on Sunday while charging the car and had to call someone to break the vehicle window to escape. Tesla claimed that the cause was a power failure and it has been communicating with the customer to solve the issue.

Tesla stated on its official Sina Weibo account: “We are very concerned about what happened to the customer. We once again want to express our sincere apologies for not being able to be at the scene to provide assistance.”

Recent statistics released by the China Passenger Car Association showed that Tesla sold 25,845 vehicles in China in April. This shows a decrease of 27.15 percent from March’s 35,478 vehicles.

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