September 29, 2022

GOP Gov. Charlie Baker Spending $12M to Resettle Afghans in Massachusetts

Gov. Charlie Baker (R) is spending $12 million in state taxpayer money to resettle thousands of Afghans across Massachusetts. While Republicans and Democrats in Congress have helped President Joe Biden fund his massive Afghan resettlement operation to the sum of $13 billion, Baker is subsiding the cost even more by throwing millions at non-governmental organizations…

BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules 7-2 in Favor of Colorado Baker Who Refused Gay Wedding Cake.

Gay activists protest the Masterpiece Cakeshop in 2012. Owner Jack Phillips faced charges for not baking a wedding cake for the gay couple. (Free Republic) The Colorado Attorney General’s office later filed a discrimination complaint against Masterpiece Cakeshop for not baking the wedding cake for a gay couple. On Monday the Supreme Court ruled in […]

Trump Advocates for Christian Baker at SCOTUS

I don’t know about you, but I dread continually having to point out what the federal government and its agencies are doing wrong. This week, I’m glad to say I get to bring something they are doing right. President Donald Trump’s DOJ filed an amicus brief with the High Court Thursday in support of the […]