May 29, 2020

New York fifteen years after 9/11 (Documentary)

    The Manhattan skyline of New York City as featured from the Staten Island Ferry is simply breathtaking. “The structural void created has been filled…but what about the psychological trauma?” The innocence and terror of the people who were caught completely shocked by an attack on the largest structures of New York City still […]

Fifteen Years After 9/11, And America Still Sleeps

Fifteen years after the carnage of 9/11, American foreign policy is still mired in its fossilized dogmas and dangerous delusions. The consequences are obvious. Iran, the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism and long an avowed enemy of the United States, has filled the vacuum of our ignominious retreat from the Middle East, even as […]

Fifteen Questions Hillary Should Answer Under Oath

The Democrat nominee’s new long march to the White House gets longer by the day. The scandal over her misuse of state secrets via a lawless, do-it-yourself private server seemed to be behind her last month — thanks to the FBI’s and Justice Department’s whitewashing of what looked, to the naked eye, like high crimes. […]