June 30, 2022

Finland General Tells Russia His Country Would Offer Stiff Resistance if Attacked

Finnish Chief of Defence Timo Kivinen has warned Russia that his country has been preparing for decades for a possible attack and Russia would meet stiff resistance should an attack occur. General Kivinen made his remarks during an interview earlier this week saying: “The most important line of defence is between one’s ears, as the war…

FACT CHECK: Have Finland And Sweden Applied For NATO Membership?

A post shared on Facebook claims Finland and Sweden have officially applied to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Verdict: Misleading While Sweden and Finland have expressed interest in joining the partnership, there is no evidence either country has applied for membership. Fact Check: NATO, a military alliance made up of 28 European countries…

‘The Time Has Come To Talk About Our Relations’: Trump Sits Down With Putin In Finland

President Donald Trump met Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday in Helsinki, Finland, as tensions between the U.S. and Russia rise. The important meeting between the two world leaders comes amid new indictments of Russian officials in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and worsening ties between Washington and Moscow. The initial meeting was cordial but tense. […]

Finland Terror Attack: Killer is 18 Year Old Moroccan Asylum Seeker, Victims are Finns, British, Swedes, Italian

Finnish police investigating a mass knife attack in the city of Turku Friday afternoon have said they consider the event a possible terror attack and have made a number of further arrests at private homes and an asylum centre. An 18-year-old Moroccan male asylum seeker was arrested Friday after having been shot in the leg […]

MULTIPLE KNIFE JIHAD in Finland: Devout Muslim knifemen screaming “Allahu akbar” randomly stab people in city of Turku

How much more of this has to happen before European authorities say “Enough” and take realistic steps to protect non-Muslims from jihad? Or will they remain hell-bent on civilizational suicide to the end? Finnish media reports 8 people wounded. One dead, several injured. “Finland incident: Police shoot man ‘who stabbed several people’ in city of […]