June 20, 2024

Nets eyeing Hawks’ Dejounte Murray as potential fix point-guard problem

The Nets have a problem at the point. Fixing it may determine when, or if, they right their listing season. Fixing it externally with Atlanta guard Dejounte Murray would be costly, but Brooklyn appears interested. And though there might not yet be fire with all that smoke, there are at least a couple of sparks. […]

Nine Dead After Army Black Hawks Crash

The nine service members who died when two U.S. Army helicopters crashed in Kentucky on Wednesday night were conducting nighttime medical evacuation drills, officials say. The deaths came when two HH-60 medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) Black Hawk helicopters flown by the 101st Airborne Division were taking part in what was described as a “routine training mission”

Divided government threatens to clip wings of Congress’ China hawks

“The worst mistake we could make is for our China positioning to be dictated by the House of Representatives. There aren’t a lot of thoughtful policy makers over there. We should make our own policy,” Sen. Chris Murphy said. | J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo The grind of divided government is already threatening Congress’ latest China