December 3, 2023

Canadian Folk Singer Gordon Lightfoot Dead at 84

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images Canadian folk singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot died in Toronto on Monday at the age of 84 after a long and storied career. One of Canada’s most beloved artists having written songs that documented the country’s history and culture, the musician reportedly died at the hospital. Per the Associated Press (AP): Considered one

Chicago Mayor’s Race Sees Left-Wing Lightfoot Out, but Left-Wing Brandon Johnson Still in the Running

Many Chicagoans were celebrating Tuesday when failed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was turned out of the mayor’s office by Windy City voters in round one of the city’s elections. But round two will feature progressive Democrat Brandon Johnson, a left-winger who is still in the running and who really isn’t much of a step up

Lori Lightfoot Demands A Deal From Chicago Teachers Unions

Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called out the teachers union in a Thursday press conference, demanding that they reach a deal that would put students back in schools. Lightfoot said that, after dozens of meetings, the Chicago Teachers Union’s failure to come up with a deal had once again left students and parents scrambling to…