February 21, 2024

Police: Arkansas Middle School Teacher Exchanged Nude Photos with 14-Year-Old to ‘Gratify Her Sexual Desires’

An Arkansas middle school teacher allegedly exchanged explicit photos with a 14-year-old student, requesting him to send her nude pictures to “gratify her sexual desires.” Investigators with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office say former Booneville Junior High School teacher Kaytlann Barnes, 30, sent X-rated images and a video through Snapchat “purposefully exposing her sex organs”

NYC building superintendent raped undocumented apartment cleaner, demanded nude photos of daughter as blackmail: DA

A Manhattan building superintendent allegedly raped an undocumented apartment cleaner during a years-long campaign of terror in which he demanded nude pictures of the woman’s special needs daughter in a twisted form of blackmail. Jose Espinoza, 62, was indicted Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court on multiple counts of rape, criminal sex act, sex abuse and […]

Man on Reddit upset he can’t sleep in the nude with new neighbors nearby: ‘Only so much I can do’

A man who shared a rather intriguing dilemma on social media cannot understand why others aren’t more charitable toward his personal sleeping preferences. “I’m a 28 year-old-dude,” he wrote on Reddit, “and have been living in my house for a few years now.” He said, “One of the main reasons I chose this place was […]

Facebook Wants You To Send Nude Pics And Videos For Your Own Protection

Facebook wants you to send nudes — for your own protection, of course. The social media platform is testing an anti-revenge porn initiative in Australia which entails users uploading their own nude images and videos via the Messenger app so Facebook can digitally “hash” the media and protect such content from being spread without consent. […]

After First Posing Nude, Madonna Now Offering Sexual Favors For Voting For Hillary

After First Posing Nude, Madonna Now Offering Sexual Favors For Voting For Hillary A few weeks back, singer Madonna posed nude on Twitter to encourage people to vote. Now, she’s upped the ante a bit. On Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden, speaking before Amy Schumer’s comedy show, Madonna said that she would perform oral […]