June 14, 2024

Small town back in the spotlight after raging success of rural ‘Rich Men’ anthem: ‘We look out for each other’

Oliver Anthony’s mayor said the singer’s popularity has once again propelled his Virginia town into the cultural zeitgeist and has helped exemplify rural America’s unique struggles. The town of Farmville sits tucked away in Prince Edward and Cumberland Counties in the Commonwealth of Virginia. While the area may not be immediately recognizable to some, Mayor […]

Trump Calls Prosecutor Jack Smith a ‘Deranged’ Thug, ‘Raging Lunatic’ in Post-Arraignment Speech

Former President Donald Trump took a hard swipe at prosecutor Jack Smith during his speech at Bedminster Golf Club following his arraignment in Miami on Tuesday, referring to him as a “deranged” thug and “raging luncatic.” “The prosecutor in our case is a thug,” the president said. “I’ve called him deranged Jack Smith. He’s a

Obama DEA Caused A ‘Raging Inferno Of Tragic Destruction’ By Mishandling The Opioid Crisis, West Virginia AG Says.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey filed a formal document in support of a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) proposal that would limit opioid manufacturers to producing only enough to fill legitimate medical need. The DEA proposal is a direct response to a lawsuit Morrisey filed against the agency in December 2017, pushing the agency to […]

With terror raging, Abbas is in a state of denial

The Palestinian Authority leadership is refusing to acknowledge the wave of lone-wolf terror attacks taking place in Israel and the West Bank, instead blaming Israeli forces for purportedly killing innocent Palestinians in cold blood. The Palestinian cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, met Thursday to discuss the escalation in violence that has left four […]