September 16, 2021

A Communist Wants To Be President

3052362-poster-p-1-bernie-sandersSenator Bernie Sanders calls himself a “Democratic Socialist”. However, Sanders is much more than that. In a free and democratic society, radical leftists seeking public office tend to call themselves progressives, liberals or democratic socialists. The reason is simple: they can’t reveal their true ideologies during election campaigns. The truth is, Bernie Sanders is a communist.

Throughout his political career, Sanders has been closely linked to leftist organizations such as Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), Communist Party USA and the Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP). According to Trevor Loudon, an expert in communism, the DSA is running Sander’s presidential campaign. Loudon and other political analysts have exposed the marxist past of the Senator, but unfortunately, the country’s left wing, liberal press have hidden information about Sander’s political life, just as they did with Barack Obama.

In actuality, Bernie Sanders is a fan of tyrants and marxists, including Fidel Castro from Cuba and Daniel Ortega from Nicaragua. According to him, Castro has “educated children and transformed Cuban society.” In respect to Ortega’s dictatorship, Sanders said he was “impressed by the intelligence and sincerity of all Sandinista leaders.”

The admiration of Bernie Sanders by communists is so great that in 1985, he celebrated the seventh anniversary of the Sandinistas revolution in Managua, Nicaragua with Daniel Ortega.

Supporters of Sen. Sanders are unaware of the true definition of socialism and the atrocities caused by marxist socialist regimes across the globe. Anyone who has lived in such a country is a living testimony to the failure and misery associated with socialism. I seriously doubt that any Bernie’s supporter has ever lived under a socialist regime.

Sanders campaign has had great success among Democrats, especially young people. The support obtained by the Senator shows how little Americans know about Bernie Sanders and socialism. Moreover, the fact that Sanders is a presidential candidate displays the modern socialist stance of the Democratic Party.

Someone who knows Bernie Sanders well is President Obama. Barack Obama supported Sanders when he ran for the US Senate in 2006. During the present presidential campaign, both met privately at the White House. After the meeting, Obama described Sanders as a person of “great authenticity.”


Never in the political life of this country has a communist pursued the Presidency; until recently no one would have thought it possible. However, thanks to Senator Sanders and the Democratic Party, communism is at the gates of the United States. Bernie Sanders has strongly criticized capitalism and the United States, the same system and country that allowed him to become Senator.

He has also praised communist regimes for years. The leftist ideology of Sanders damages the fundamental principles that gave rise to this nation: freedom and democracy. For Bernie Sanders, the US Constitution and its capitalism are worthy of criticism, but the lack of rights and freedom in communist countries are not.

Sanders names socialist regimes as good examples of fair societies. The Senator has previously visited communist countries such as Cuba, the Soviet Union and Nicaragua. His political life has been characterized by degrading the United States. According to him, this country faces social problems, class inequality and lack of opportunities.

On one occasion, Sanders described the United States as “a dying society” with an economy based on “useless” goods that were “designed to break down or [are] used for the slaughter of people.” At the same time, Sanders forgets an undeniable fact: for decades, millions of people have escaped from socialist and communist regimes. And where are these people running? capitalist countries, mainly the United States.

Like other communists, Bernie Sanders is a proponent of the redistribution of wealth, increased taxation and “free” services. Sanders policies do not stimulate progress through individual effort, but through the collective use of other people’s money.

The Senator is also silent to the sufferings of millions subjugated by left-wing regimes around the world. He often avoids commenting on the oppression, lack of freedom and mass murders in marxist socialist countries. For decades Sanders has ignored the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of leftist leaders such as Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez.

I have never heard Sen. Sanders discussing the deficiencies seen in basic services in Venezuela or other communist countries. He has never mentioned the long lines that people have to wait in to receive food products in those countries.

Bernie Sanders criticizes the rich in a country where free enterprise and the private sector have been examples of prosperity for everyone. For him, the acquisition of wealth through hard work and personal sacrifice is condemnable, but the enrichment and corruption of marxist leaders is not. On the American continent, perhaps the best example of these so-called leaders are Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez.

One of the greatest failures of socialism had been Venezuela. Since Hugo Chávez forced socialism in his country, (with the help of the Castro brothers) Venezuelans have fallen into one of the worst political, economic and social disasters in Latin America. The country has the highest level of inflation in the world and lacks basic services. Furthermore, Venezuela is facing a humanitarian crisis due to lack of food. As it was expected, the Socialist regime blamed the private sector and the United States.

Despite the chaos and misery that socialism has brought to Venezuela, Bernie Sanders talks about the need of a socialist revolution in the United States. Worse of all, the liberal media have opted to be silent. After multiple democratic presidential debates and interviews, moderators have decided, hypocritically, not to discuss the negative impact marxism and socialism have had throughout history.

Bernie Sanders promotes antagonism and hatred amongst social classes, between the employer and the employee, between whoever has more and whoever has less. As a communist, he does not believe in the production of wealth, but its redistribution. Sanders promotes living at the expense of other people’s money. Leftists always promise heaven on earth, better social benefits, free health care and free education. Such promises are the common denominator of the communist language and the populist rhetoric used to reach power. Bernie Sanders is not an exception. In fact, these are the pillars of his electoral campaign .

I have had the opportunity to watch Senator Sanders on numerous occasions. So far, no one has asked him about his leftist radical past. Last year, I wrote an article about some questions the Senator should respond to for the American people. Unfortunately, he never will have to answer to them, as the media continues giving Bernie the green light without accountability.


In this article, I would like to ask two questions to Sanders supporters: 1) why Cubans flee their country and even risk their lives floating across the ocean to United States? And 2) Why an American has never jumped into the sea to reach Cuba?

As the country goes through the fever of the political process searching for our next President, Americans must become aware of the past, the vision and the goals of Bernie Sanders. The history is clear and the examples are multiple. As President, Sen. Sanders will destroy the United States, just the same way as Communists have destroyed every country where socialism and Marxism have reigned.