July 23, 2021

NBC Continues to Ignore Menendez Corruption Trial to Cover Trump Drinking Water.


Despite the newsworthiness of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez’s trial on charges of corruption, NBC has remained largely silent over the Democrat’s shameful exposure. However, on Thursday, the Today show did find ample time to cover something really important:  President Trump’s own “Watergate.” The iconic Peacock staple devoted not one, but two segments to ridiculing the Commander-in-Chief’s downing of a bottle of H2O. As Menendez saw the wrap-up of his 65-day federal trial — which, due to the Big Three’s silence, many Americans may not have even heard of — NBC’s White House Correspondent Kristen Walker offered this:

“But it was this awkward moment that lit up social media, the President pausing to take a sip of water.”

The screen displayed “Trump’s ‘Water’-Gate,” treating viewers to the silly video, with Walker continuing:

“All of it echoing 2013, when Senator Marco Rubio reached for a bottle during his response to the State of the Union.”

Walker’s piece led into a retrospective of late-night comedians roasting Rubio’s thirst-quenching pause, with NBC Nightly News then-talking head (now-disgraced) Brian Williams saying it was “the televised moment from last night that just might live on forever.”

Later in the program, Carson Daly — Today show social media co-host — played a montage of nighttime comedians grilling Trump’s water bottle indulgence. His on-air counterpart, Hoda Kotb, introduced the report thusly:

“We are back now with that sip of water that is getting the world’s attention.”

Meanwhile, a New Jersey politician was in the hot seat for taking nearly $1 million in bribes, as well as exchanging political favors for the benefit of a complimentary private jet. But he’s a Democrat, so you know what really matters? An America’s Funniest Home Videos-style breakdown of how the Republican President hydrates himself.

Source: Truth Revolt