October 19, 2021

MORE BRAINWASHING: Guess How Many Of Top 50 National Universities Have Conservative Commencement Speakers.

Take a wild guess. How many of the top 50 national universities (as ranked by U.S. News & World Report) that have one commencement speaker, have a conservative as the speaker this year?

The answer, from a survey conducted by Young America’s Foundation (YAF): one.

The one speaker, Deloitte CEO Cathy Engelbert, is speaking at her alma mater, Lehigh University. To make matters even more clear, of the top 101 universities surveyed by YAF, only three conservatives are delivering a solo commencement address; Engelbert, former Southwestern Energy CEO Harold Korell at his alma mater, the Colorado School of Mines (ranked #75) and Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon at Yeshiva University (ranked #94).

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and Republican Sen. Tim Scott are both giving commencement addresses at Clemson University.

YAF’s methodology judged a speaker’s political ideology based on Federal Election Commission records, “public statements” and elected or appointed office, as The College Fix reported.

As opposed to the paucity of conservative speakers, leftists are scheduled to speak at 38 schools.

Young America’s Foundation spokesman Spencer Brown commented:

These liberal commencement addresses aren’t inspiring; they’re divisive. Telling students they’re helpless victims, that there’s no amount of hard work that can help them overcome the social justice ills of our society sets graduates up for misery, not success. America’s top institutions continue to be abandoned as sites of higher education and turned into indoctrination centers. As if four years of being fed leftist pablum wasn’t enough, too many schools shove their students out the door with one last liberal lesson.

Source: The Daily Wire