September 27, 2023

AZ Dem Senate Candidate Kyrsten Sinema Smeared U.S. Soldiers As Being Terrorists In Flyers Distributed By Her Far-Left Activist Group.

Another one of the group’s flyers claimed the U.S. government was the “enemy.”

Arizona Democratic Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema smeared U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq and the Middle East in 2003 while she led a far-left activist group that passed out flyers portraying American soldiers as skeletons committing “U.S. terror.”

CNN reports that Sinema’s demonization of American soldiers came at approximately the same point in time “when she ran for state and local office as an independent affiliated with the Green Party and was viewed as one of the most progressive activists in Arizona.”

Sinema campaign spokeswoman Helen Hare claimed in a statement to CNN that Sinema is a supporter of U.S. armed service members but refused to address the disturbing flyers other than to say that Sinema allegedly did not approve of the flyers’ design — even though she led the group.

The flyer stated: “YOU CAN HELP US PUSH BACK U.S. Terror In IRAQ and the middle east.” CNN also reported that the “flyer listed the website for Sinema’s group and an email of a local anarchist group that also participated.”

Another flyer claimed that President George W. Bush was a “Fascist” and an “Imperialist,” and stated that the U.S. government was the “enemy.”

Sinema was also the designated point of contact for an event where signs were to be made for her rally. The page encouraged participants to make some of the following signs:

  • We Burn Stuff (Written on an American Flag)
  • Who Elected this F***er?
  • My President Is A Psychopath
  • Beat The Bushes For Peace
  • Bombing For Peace Is Like F***ing For Virginity
  • God Does Not Bless Only America
  • Born To Kill, Born To Drill

Sinema later promoted the conspiracy that the war in Iraq was “about the United States having access to the oil and the power and control and world stature that it’s seeking.”

Last week, old video footage was discovered from her past where she “fought to protect criminals who had sex with child prostitutes and later took tens of thousands of dollars from the founders of an alleged sex trafficking website.”

Source: The Daily Wire