July 3, 2022

AZ Democratic Party Formally Censures Sen. Sinema

Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has been formally censured by the Arizona Democratic Party’s (ADP) executive committee for her decisions regarding filibuster and voting rights reforms, ABC News reported.Chairwoman of the ADP, Raquel Teran, reportedly said in a statement, “…on the matter of the filibuster and the urgency to protect voting rights, we have been…

AZ Dem Senate Candidate Kyrsten Sinema Smeared U.S. Soldiers As Being Terrorists In Flyers Distributed By Her Far-Left Activist Group.

Another one of the group’s flyers claimed the U.S. government was the “enemy.” Arizona Democratic Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema smeared U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq and the Middle East in 2003 while she led a far-left activist group that passed out flyers portraying American soldiers as skeletons committing “U.S. terror.” CNN reports that Sinema’s demonization […]