June 14, 2024

CPAC Straw Poll: Donald Trump 62, Ron DeSantis 22, Everyone Else Single Digits

Former President Donald Trump easily won the Conservative Political Action Conference’s (CPAC) straw poll for the 2024 Republican Party presidential nominee on Saturday. Trump received 62 percent support in the poll completed by more than 2,000 CPAC attendees, bringing him 40 points higher than the second-place candidate. CPAC’s straw poll results were announced on Saturday just before

Joshua Green: ‚Äė$62 Million in Ads Run Against Trump, Zero in Attack Ads Run Against Clinton‚Äô in Primaries – AUDIO

Boston Globe and Bloomberg News journalist Joshua Green had some breaking news to share on Thursday‚Äôs Breitbart News Daily¬†about the stark¬†difference in negative campaign ads endured by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in their respective primaries. To get a sense of how the Republican and Democratic primaries differed, Bloomberg News consulted with a media tracking […]