March 27, 2023

Blob Wins: Just 38 Days in, New PM Truss Sacks Finance Minister, Backs Down on Key Pledges

Liz Truss is no radical and is certainly not a political outsider, but her very slight deviation from political norms and Treasury orthodoxy has been so harshly punished by the markets and the media just 38 days in we witness the unedifying spectacle of a brand new Prime Minister throwing her brand new Chancellor to

How Donald Trump Rescued the “Blob”

Joe Biden has moved to the left on many issues. Why hasn’t he done the same on foreign policy?“Joe Biden has the most progressive platform in history” was a familiar talking point in the last months before the election, both from Republicans trying to paint the Democratic nominee as a socialist controlled by the “radical…

The Blob is Back and It’s Ready for War

On foreign policy, Joe Biden promises that ‘America is back.’ What that means in practice is likely to be bad for Americans, and the world.Be very afraid: Joe Biden plans to set the world right. Expect a return to the past. Not so much to Barack Obama, but to Bill Clinton. Biden says America is…