July 3, 2022

The Great Translation Movement in Historical Perspective

Commentary While Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has seen economic repercussions around the world, from supply chain disruption and to shortages in daily goods like cooking oil and tomatoes in Europe, the impact in China is more ideological. Not only does the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) act contrary to the world by supporting Russia’s “military…

Noam Chomsky: Trump the ‘One Western Statesman of Stature’ Pushing Peace in Ukraine

HEULER ANDREY/AFP via Getty Images Famed leftist MIT professor Noam Chomsky has credited former President Donald Trump for being one of the few prominent statesmen in the West actively pushing for peace in Ukraine as opposed to escalating war with Russia. Though Chomsky called the former president a dangerous figure for a host of reasons…

Noam Chomsky Says Trump Diplomacy Needed To De-Escalate Ukraine War

Arizona University Linguistics Professor and MIT emeritus Noam Chomsky said former President Donald J. Trump is the “one Western statesman of stature” who has consistently tried to peacefully de-escalate the war in Ukraine.“Well there is, fortunately, one statesman in the United States and Europe who has laid a person of, high political figure; who has…

Radical America-hater Noam Chomsky on Trump: Almost a Death Knell for Human Race

Radical America-hater Noam Chomsky weighed in on the Donald Trump campaign Saturday in an article in the far left Guardian newspaper. Chomsky warned a Trump presidency could wipe out the human race. What effect would electing Donald Trump have? It’s hard to say because we don’t really know what he thinks. And I’m not sure […]