August 14, 2022

‘Nuclear Catastrophe’: Ukraine Calls on UN to Force Russia Away From Chernobyl

Ukrainian officials called on the United Nations to push Russian forces away from the Chernobyl nuclear site to prevent a catastrophe, coming more than a month after the start of the invasion. “Is the world ready for a nuclear catastrophe because of Russia’s bungling?” asked Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk on Telegram. “The occupiers set…

Inflation Era: Ukraine Crisis Poses ‘Significant’ Dangers to Eurozone

There are difficult months ahead for Eurozone nations, with the head of Europe’s central bank warning that the ongoing Ukraine Crisis poses ‘significant’ dangers to the currency union. ‘Significant’ dangers to do with supply chain issues and the rising costs of food and energy are now facing the Eurozone, the head of the European Central…

Volunteer journalists warn of the dangers that Ukrainians are facing from Russia | ‘American Agenda’

A Cuban’s Warning to Parkland Survivors About the Dangers of Gun Control.

Emma Gonzalez has emerged as a top gun control activist after the Parkland shooting (PanAm Post). Cuban exile Rebeca Ulloa, “I think [gun control] is one of the reasons why the Castro dictatorship has been in power on the island for more than half a century” The debate on gun control is revived in the […]


Most Americans are not taught what is in the Constitution, nor are they aware of its limitations on government that have helped make America great. The JBS has produced a six-part lecture series that provides a practical, common sense understanding of how the Constitution was intended to secure rights, not to enable the federal government […]

Former British Ambassador: Dangers of Investing in Cuba

Dangers in economy run by Cuba’s revolutionary in a business suit Both leaders wore business suits at the Panama summit last month. Raúl Castro, the one-time guerrilla from the Sierra Maestra, shook hands with Barack Obama, the former law professor from Chicago. Are Cuba and the US back in business? In its “normalisation” of relations, […]