December 1, 2023

More than 100 killed when Cuban airliner crashes after takeoff.

A Boeing 737 leased by Cuba’s national airline went down in a yucca field. Only three or four survived, state media said. More than 100 people were killed Friday when a commercial airliner crashed shortly after takeoff from Cuba’s main airport near Havana, Cuban state-run media said. The Boeing 737, rented by Cubana de Aviaci√≥n, […]

Cuba‚Äôs New ‚ÄėPresident‚Äô Confirms He‚Äôs a Castro Puppet: ‚ÄėRa√ļl Will Remain at the Forefront‚Äô

In his debut speech as the ‚ÄúPresident‚ÄĚ of Cuba on Thursday, Miguel D√≠az-Canel, billed as Ra√ļl Castro‚Äôs hand-picked successor, made abundantly clear that Castro would continue to govern the country, telling the National Assembly that Castro ‚Äúwill preside over all major decisions for the present and future of the nation.‚ÄĚ Cuba‚Äôs National Assembly convened on […]

The Murderous Castro Regime Hands The Reins To Hand-Picked Communist Leader.

This coming Wednesday, Raul Castro will hand the Cuban communist baton to a hand-picked successor named Miguel Diaz-Canel, 57. This will be the first time in 59 years that one of the murderous Castro brothers has not led Cuba. Raul Castro is now 86 and his health is failing. He has been president of Cuba […]


HAVANA ‚Äď Raul Castro remains in power although is stepping down from Cuba’s presidency. The 86-year-old former rebel remains head of Cuba’s Communist Party, a position that leaves him with broad authority ‚ÄĒ including much oversight of Miguel Diaz-Canel, the man who is replacing him as president. Castro is expected to remain in this position […]

Cuba Begins ‚ÄėTransition‚Äô That Will Leave Ra√ļl Castro Still Running the Country.

International news outlets were abuzz Tuesday with the news that the¬†Cuban General Assembly, the nation‚Äôs legislature, will vote a new president in to replace Ra√ļl Castro, leaving the head of state running only the Communist Party. While the man called ‚Äúpresident‚ÄĚ may no longer carry the Castro name‚ÄĒexperts mostly agree that Vice President Miguel D√≠az-Canel […]

A Cuban’s Warning to Parkland Survivors About the Dangers of Gun Control.

Emma Gonzalez has emerged as a top gun control activist after the Parkland shooting (PanAm Post). Cuban exile Rebeca Ulloa, “I think [gun control] is one of the reasons why the Castro dictatorship has been in power on the island for more than half a century” The debate on gun control is revived in the […]

American Teens Hear Strange High-Pitched Sound at Havana Airport

On December 31, 2017, an American father in his 40‚Äôs and his son and daughter, ages 15 and 14, were at Havana‚Äôs Jose Marti International Airport. Around 2:00 p.m. they were waiting to board their return Delta flight to Atlanta. The teens asked their father what was making the annoying high-pitched noise. The father, however, […]


Cuba’s Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel waits in line to vote during elections for national and provincial representatives for the National Assembly in Santa Clara, Cuba, Sunday, March 11, 2018. (Alejandro Ernesto/Pool Photo via AP) Cuba’s likely next president pledges more responsive gov’t SANTA CLARA, Cuba (AP) ‚ÄĒ Cuba on Sunday took the final political step […]

Unarmed citizens means submission: the Cuban experience.

Cuban citizens have been disarmed under a dictatorship for over half a century. (PanAm Post) After the recent shooting at a public school in Florida, the immediate response of several citizens and politicians was the demand to disarm the civilian population or restrict access to certain weapons. From a ‚Äúsocial justice‚ÄĚ position, the perpetrator is […]

Russia Strengthens Foothold in Cuba Due to Tension Between US & Castro Dictatorship.

The tense diplomatic and economic situation between the Cuban regime and the US has caused other allies of the Caribbean country such as Russia to step up their foreign policy approach to dealing with the island. (Rusia Beyond) Three years ago, former President Barack Obama announced the beginning of normalized¬†relations between the United States and […]

Venezuela, Cuba Lead Regional Leftists Against Trump Jerusalem Declaration.

The leftist governments of Latin America ‚ÄĒ including Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, and Bolivia ‚ÄĒ have all issued statements condemning American President Donald Trump for officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Cuba and Venezuela maintain close ties to the government of Iran, which regularlythreatens the complete destruction of Israel. Cuba‚Äôs foreign ministry issued a […]

Creepy: Children Forced to Praise Castro as ‚ÄėEvery Girl‚Äôs Boyfriend‚Äô for Birthday – VIDEO

The Cuban state publication¬†Havana Tribune has published a video of young children reciting a poem in honor of dead dictator Fidel Castro, thanking him ‚Äúfor making us men‚ÄĚ and calling him ‚Äúevery girl‚Äôs boyfriend.‚ÄĚ The Miami-based outlet¬†Mart√≠ Noticias notes that the children in the video, mostly girls, ‚Äúdo not appear to be older than ten […]

The Twelve Reasons Why Cuba Is A Terrorist Nation And Is A Security Treat To The USA

Obama in his Marxist agenda supported Cuba. The Terrorist and Subversive system, historically led by USSR/Russia, was condoned by the United States of America. Obama ordered the State Department to leave Cuba off the list of Terrorist Countries and immediately afterward¬†re-established¬†diplomatic and trade relations with the regime the Russians held in Havana. The restoration of […]

Treasury and Commerce Departments Issued New Sanctions Against Cuba

  On June 16, 2017, President Donald Trump signed his Cuba policy directive on new sanctions against the communist regime at the Manuel Artime Theater in Miami. However, it took several months for the Departments of the Treasury, Commerce, and State and the White House National Security Council to implement the Cuban sanctions based upon […]

Inspired by Venezuelan Protests, Cuban Activists Plan Freedom Concert against Castro Regime

The ‚ÄúConcert for Freedom in Cuba‚ÄĚ will bring together ‚Äúrecognized voices inside and out‚ÄĚ of the country to join ‚Äúthe cause of freedom for a people that have been imprisoned in their own land for more than half a century,‚ÄĚ and take place sometime at the end of the year. ¬†(Flickr) After watching Venezuelans take […]

United States Reduces Embassy Staff, Warns Americans not to Travel to Cuba, and Suspends Visas for Cubans

  UPDATE: The U.S. embassy in Havana, Cuba was reopened in the summer of 2015 as part of former President Obama‚Äôs shameful d√©tente with the Cuban bloody regime. The sonic and ultrasonic attacks on American and Canadian diplomats and their families in Havana happened inside the homes provided by the regime to diplomats and at […]

Cuban Diplomats Expelled from DC Embassy

Cuba has a week to remove 15 diplomats from the embassy in Washington, D.C. as the mysterious attacks on U.S. diplomats in Cuba continue, the State Department announced Tuesday. ‚ÄúUntil the government of Cuba can ensure the safety of our diplomats in Cuba, our embassy will be reduced to emergency personnel to minimize the number […]

Colin Kaepernick donated $25K to organization named after cop-killer

The next time that Colin Kaepernick says he’s not anti-police, someone should ask him about a $25,000 donation his foundation made to a charitable organization named after a notorious cop-killer who escaped from prison and now lives in Cuba. The organization, Chicago-based Assata’s Daughters, is named after Assata Shakur, a member of the Black Panthers, […]

US Evaluates Closing Embassy in Cuba in aftermath of Sonic Attacks

On Sunday, September 17, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the United States was considering closing the embassy in Havana altogether following the attacks on the US officials. (Twitter) Officials from the United States and Cuba met to address the ‚Äúsonic attack‚ÄĚ that left at least 16¬†US diplomats with hearing loss or brain damage. The […]

CBS Lies Through Their Teeth About Cuba’s Hurricane Irma Preparedness

‚ÄúCuba normally gears up quickly for storms with constant advisories on TV and radio urging people to prepare. The Civil Defense, run by a general and the military, jumps into action to evacuate people and animals from low-lying areas, to move food supplies to higher ground, harvest crops quickly and distribute the monthly food rations […]

What Cuba and Venezuela Can Teach Us About Socialism‚Äôs Understanding of US ‚ÄúHate Speech‚ÄĚ

Antifa has fallen victim to the same things it is trying to fight against: authoritarianism and fascist thinking (flickr) Reading about the recent atrocities occurring due to¬†socialism in Cuba and Venezuela still sometimes¬†leaves them feeling distant and almost unreal, but I felt¬†chills recently¬†as it dawned on me that when it comes to internet censorship, and […]

Report: Cuba Attacks American and Canadian Diplomats

A Cuban-American journalist, Maria Elvira Salazar, declared in Fox News this morning that according to sources in Cuba, Castro’s government was involved in the covert attack of several U.S. diplomats and at least one Canadian diplomat using sonic bazookas.¬† While serving at the embassy in Havana, the diplomats experienced hearing damage after receiving a sustained […]

American Diplomats Were Attacked in Cuba by Sonic Wave Weapons

  The Cuban bloody oppressive regime has a very long history of harassing and subjecting to surveillance American diplomats in Havana. Cuban intelligent agents have frequently entered American diplomats‚Äô homes and tampered with their computers, moved their books, and left feces. Often times, the electricity was cut off in their homes. Sometimes Cuban agents damaged […]

Cuba Has ‚ÄúOccupying Army‚ÄĚ in Venezuela, OAS Secretary General Claims – VIDEO

The Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, testified before¬†the United States Congress Wednesday. (Luis Almagro) Cuba has an ‚Äúoccupation‚ÄĚ army in Venezuela, according to Secretary General of the Organization of American States Luis Almagro. He spoke at a US Senate hearing on Wednesday, July 19, during which he expounded on Venezuela and Cuba‚Äôs long-standing […]

Russia Sides with Cuban Dictatorship, Calls Trump‚Äôs Policy Reversal ‚ÄúCold War Rhetoric‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúThe new policy on Cuba announced by US President Donald Trump leads us to a forgotten Cold War-style rhetoric,‚ÄĚ a Foreign Ministry statement read on Sunday, June 18.(Twitter) Russia has expressed its ‚Äúunyielding solidarity‚ÄĚ with Cuba following US President Donald Trump‚Äôs announcement that he would be reversing many Obama-era policies intended to thaw relations with […]

7 Castro Victims and Cuban Heroes Invited to Trump’s Cuba Announcement

President Trump‚Äôs announcement of policy revisions toward Cuba ‚ÄĒ in which many strings on the Castro regime loosened by President Barack Obama were tightened again ‚ÄĒ was attended by a number of notable Cuban dissidents and victims of Castro violence. Mario and Miriam de la Pena: Their son Mario Manuel de la Pena was murdered […]

DONALD TRUMP to Cuban Regime: Send Back Cop Killer Joanne Chesimard (VIDEO)

Cop killer Assata Shakur, formerly known as Joanne Chesimard, murdered New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster in 1973 and then fled to Cuba. Assata Shakur, a.k.a. Joanne Chesimard is a former(?) Black Panther and Black Liberation Army agitator and cop killer. She has been a fugitive from justice for nearly 40 years and openly thumbs […]

Trump Lists His Demands for the Castro Regime

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Vice President Mike Pence and President Trump in Miami, Florida Friday to unveil the White House‚Äôs new Cuba policy. Rubio heaped praise on the president for showing compassion toward the Cuban people, who continue to struggle under the dictatorial leadership of Raul Castro. In multiple conversations the two had since […]

Inside Oval Office, Rubio and Diaz-Balart pushed Trump to crack down on Cuba

Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart sat in the Oval Office last month, surrounded by two Cabinet secretaries, the national security adviser and an array of top White House staff, and asked President Donald Trump to put his power behind their plans for Cuba. The Miami Republican lawmakers had been pressing Trump for months […]

Trump‚Äôs Cuba Policy Reform: Less Money for Cuban Military, More ‚ÄėToward the Cuban People‚Äô

WASHINGTON, D.C. ‚ÄĒ President Donald Trump is set to announce changes in United States¬†toward to Cuba on Friday, including renewed travel restrictions and efforts to prevent the flow of funds to the ‚Äúrepressive members of the Cuban military government.‚ÄĚ Multiple senior administration officials briefed reporters on the President‚Äôs new policies with regard to Cuba. One […]