August 16, 2022

One year after Taliban take over, Afghan rights leader Sima Samar still heartbroken

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! A year after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, prominent Afghan rights activist Sima Samar is still heartbroken over what happened to her country. Samar, a former minister of women’s affairs and the first chair of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, left Kabul in July 2021 for […]

New Orleans inmates barricade themselves in pod, make demands including books, TV to watch Saints games

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Inmates inside the Orleans Justice Center in New Orleans have barricaded themselves inside a pod and have made a list of demands to improve their conditions.  The inmates’ long list of demands for prison officials includes, among other things, better food and medicine, more books, and a […]

Where’s Your Congressman?

Commentary Nearly everyone is familiar with the popular kid’s book “Where’s Waldo.” Each page is filled with faces plastered everywhere and you try to find the hidden picture of Waldo. Now let’s play, find the congressman or woman. I’m referring to the big vote recently to spend and tax $750 billion on top of the […]

Conservative Groups Slam ‘Blatant Politicization’ of DOJ Over FBI Raid of Mar-a-Lago

Multiple conservative organizations accused the Department of Justice and FBI of having “breached the public trust” by engaging in partisan politics against former President Donald Trump and his allies, according to an open letter issued on Friday. The Aug. 12 letter, obtained by The Daily Caller, asked Attorney General Merrick Garland to provide “an immediate and […]

Listening to the Voice

Commentary In 1967, 55 years ago, a referendum was held in Australia to allow a change to the Constitution that would remove the last impediment to the recognition of our Aboriginal people as full citizens. Australians are slow to accept constitutional changes: we have held 44 referenda since federation, but only eight of them returned […]

FACT CHECK: Did Ron DeSantis Defend The FBI’s Search Of Mar-A-Lago On ‘Hannity’?

A video shared on Facebook purportedly shows Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis defending the FBI’s recent search of former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence on “Hannity.”The clip is digitally edited. A spokesperson for Fox News denied the clip’s authenticity.The FBI conducted a search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida on Aug. 8, according to The…

Jamie Raskin Dodges Question on How ‘Inflation Reduction’ Act Reduces Inflation

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) dodged a question recently on how the Inflation Reduction Act would reduce inflation, as multiple studies have found that it would do little to nothing to reduce inflation. One reporter asked Raskin, “What parts of the bill do you think will put to work on [lowering inflation] specifically?” “What parts of…

Biden 2020 Surrogate Rep. Tim Ryan Dodges Joe Biden’s Ohio Visit

Biden 2src2src surrogate and Ohio U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) is dodging the president during his planned visit to the Buckeye State on Wednesday. While the country is suffering from skyrocketing inflation which recently hit a 4src-year high, Biden will visit Ohio to use the union training center in Cleveland as a backdrop to tell workers…

DHS Sec Alejandro Mayorkas Dodges, Ducks Questions on Rising Migrant Wave

President Joe Biden’s border security chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, is ducking and dodging questions about his responsibility for spiking the migrant flow into the United States. “Hasn’t this administration created a magnet?” asked Fox News host Chris Wallace. “Haven’t you given them a reason to believe there’s a reasonable chance if they come into this country,…

Bernie Sanders Dodges Question About The Cost For His Socialist Health Care Utopia

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is pushing his single-payer health care initiative. Alternatively called Medicare-for-All, the self-described democratic socialist has decided now was the time to split his party in two over this issue. It’s going to call for $32 trillion in new taxes; it’s not going anywhere. Sanders even had Canadian doctors flown in to […]