May 18, 2022

Six Extinction Rebellion Activists Arrested After Climbing Onto Oil Tanker in London

LONDON (AP) – Six people have been arrested after climate change activists climbed onto an oil tanker in central London to protest investments in fossil fuel, British police said Saturday. The Extinction Rebellion climate activism group said two Olympic athletes – gold medal-winning canoeist Etienne Stott and Laura Baldwin – were among those protesting Friday.…


‘We will not comply!’ COVID-19 power grab ignites bold new era of national defiance (U.S. Air Force photo by Joshua J. Seybert) Throughout 2020, America’s doctors, nurses, paramedics and other medical professionals were celebrated as heroes – courageous frontline soldier-healers, selflessly battling a fearsome new pandemic called COVID-19. Just one year later, in 2021, tens […]

Communist Cuba Activated Their Suppression Plan to End the Rebellion

This Plan Cacique (which means Indian Chief) is being implemented in Cuba currently to end the rebellion. However, the bloody regime criminals in the armed forces, elite black Caps units, police, soldiers from the Ministry of the Interior are shooting and killing people in the daytime, now that the regime has turned off the internet […]

The Rebellion in Cuba

Cuban bloody President Miguel Díaz-Canel ordered the police, Armed Forces, Brigades of Rapid Response, soldiers from the Ministry of the Interior, and intelligence services officials to brutally repressed the peaceful protesters in over 32 cities in the island. On July 11, 2021, the people of Cuba took to the streets in cities from one end […]

NEVER FORGET => Barack Obama ASSISTED the Evil Khamenei Regime to Crush the 2009 Green Rebellion.

Never Forget — Barack Obama assisted the evil Khamenei Regime to crush the 2009 Green Rebellion More blood on the hands of Barack Obama. In 2009 tens of thousands of brave Iranian democracy protesters rose up against the brutal Khamenei regime after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was announced the winner in a disputed national election. The […]