August 8, 2022

10 romantic restaurants to bookmark for future travel

Use your leftover Valentine’s Day candy to make these 5 fun desserts Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and now you’re left with a bunch of leftover chocolate and you have no idea what to do with it. What are you going to do with it? Eat it? As-is? Really? Don’t be crazy! Instead, try […]

ABC News Prime: Smollett found guilty; Getting teenagers to receive booster; Lewis Black convo.

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Republic of Ireland imposes 8pm curfew on bars and restaurants

New York City to Mandate Vaccine Passports to Enter Restaurants, Gyms

NYC Mayor’s Office / YouTube New York City will mandate patrons show proof of vaccination prior to entering indoor establishments, including restaurants and gyms, Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) is expected to announce Tuesday. The announcement comes one day after Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) begged private business owners to discriminate against unvaccinated patrons by denying…

Pasadena Bucks Gavin Newsom’s Prohibition on Indoor Dining at Restaurants

The city of Pasadena, California, is refusing to comply with Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom’s strict coronavirus restrictions prohibiting in-person restaurant dining; outdoor dining will continue. Restaurants in Democrat-run states are barely surviving and even shuttering as the government repeatedly closes them through lockdowns. “The City of Pasadena will continue to assess our COVID [Chinese coronavirus]…

Nolte: CNN Says Mobs Have ‘Constitutional Right’ To Chase Republicans Out of Restaurants.

The far-left CNN spent much of Tuesday defending mob action against Republicans as a “Constitutional right” and as fearless acts of free speech. On her low-rated afternoon show, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin mocked both of her guests as they described the left-wing activists who chased Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his wife out of a DC […]

Uber, Lyft, DC restaurants to ban ‘Unite the Right’ rally participants; Twitter suspends numerous far-Right accounts.

White supremacists and white nationalists heading to Washington, D.C., for Sunday’s second Unite the Right rally may have trouble finding a way to get there or a place to eat, according to reports. In preparation for the rally near the White House, Uber and Lyft told drivers they have a right to kick a passenger […]