July 27, 2021

Hell in Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba puts Democrats and their beloved S-word on the spot in Florida

Democrats have been feeling their oats with socialism these days, basking in the wins they’ve gotten.  The ascent of Democratic Socialists of America member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in a Democratic congressional primary in New York, has given them a new battery.  Ocasio’s their new “it” girl. But it might not play the way they think it will play […]

Take a step back: Did Trump really even say the s-word?

Our first step in responding to the fake news firestorm about what Trump did or didn’t say about some African countries is to figure out what Trump actually said. Two leakers say he used the term “s—holes” to describe Haiti and African countries.  However, the only person corroborating that as this is being written is a […]

Le Pen Will Be Mightier Than the Leftist Sword on Election Day

Le Pen also wants to end immigration, slash crime, eradicate Islamism, pull France out of the EU with its emphasis on open borders for all EU citizens I predict that contrary to all the French polls, Marine Le Pen, the charismatic right wing leader of the French National Front Party, will ultimately win the French […]