May 26, 2022

NYS Republicans Nominate Zeldin and Esposito for Gubernatorial Ticket

GARDEN CITY, New Yorkā€”The New York state Republican Party nominated Congressman Lee Zeldin for governor and Alison Esposito for lieutenant governor on March 1, the second day of its two-day convention at the Garden City Hotel on Long Island. Zeldin was the first nominee to address the issue of the 4,000 employees of the City…

Anonymous Donor Buys Plane Ticket for Student to Visit Mom: ‘I’ll Do That for Someone Else One Day’

A high school studentā€™s hope to see his mom for Christmas became a reality thanks to an anonymous donor in Anderson County, Tennessee. Clinch River Community School (CRCS) is located behind Anderson County High School in Clinton and is known as the districtā€™s alternative school, WMAZ reported Wednesday. However, theĀ schoolĀ is also a very special place,…

Worries About Big Ticket Item Inflation Hit Worse Level Since 1982

The last time Americans were this unhappy about prices of big-ticket purchases was 1982, when the Federal Reserve was fighting a war against double-digit inflation. The University of Michiganā€™s survey of consumer sentiment showed U.S. consumers more concerned with higher prices of appliances, houses, and cars than anytime in 39 years, according to the surveyā€™s…

BOOM! NFL Ticket Sales Down 18% in Week Since Mass Anti-Military Anthem Protests

This had to hurt. NFL ticket sales down 18% down this week. Last Sunday overĀ 200 NFL players kneltĀ during the US national anthem onĀ Gold Star Mothers Day. StubHub announced a 10% discount in NFL tickets this week. And now thisā€¦ NFL ticket sales are down 18% compared to last year at this time. The Washington Examiner […]