President Trump used his Thursday meetings with Chinese leaders to push for greater cooperation to stop the flow of illegal drugs from China to the U.S., which Trump said is destroying communities around the country.

“We’re going to work out situations to stop all these drugs,” Trump said as he met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

Trump made the same point in a joint press conference with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People.

“Every year, drug trafficking destroys millions and millions of lives,” Trump said. “Today, President Xi and I discussed ways we can enhance coordination to better counter the deadly drug trade and to stop the lethal flow of poisonous drugs into our countries and into our communities.”

“A special emphasis will be placed on the new phenomena: fentanyl — destroying lives by the millions,” he said. “We’re going to be focusing on it very strongly, the President and myself.”

That same day, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he believes Trump and Xi made real progress on finding ways to shut off the export of these deadly drugs.

“The president committed to take new actions, including agreements to control the export of new fentanyl precursors, sharing intelligence on drug trafficking, and exchanging trafficking information packages to identify individuals and criminal networks responsible for trafficking,” Tillerson said.

Trump and Tillerson claimed similar progress on North Korea.

“Today, President Xi, we discussed our mutual commitment to the complete denuclearization of North Korea,” Trump said in his joint statement with Xi. “We agreed not to replicate failed approaches of the past — and there were many. We agreed on the need to fully implement all U.N. Security Council resolutions on North Korea and to increase economic pressure until North Korea abandons its reckless and dangerous path.”

“Together, we have in our power to finally liberate this region and the world from this very serious nuclear menace,” Trump added. “But it will require collective action, collective strength, and collective devotion to winning the peace.”

Tillerson said Xi explained that the sanctions against North Korea could take “a little while” to have an impact, but said he believes they are feeling the “full effects” of sanctions from the west.

“President Trump, our president, has been very clear with President Xi that he takes the view that you are a very powerful neighbor of theirs; you account for 90-plus percent of their economic activity; you’re a strong man — you can, I’m sure, solve this for me,” Tillerson said. “And so he was very clear with him and said he believes it can be solved.”

Source: Washington Examiner