June 14, 2024

The real truth about Roy Moore’s defeat is deeply unsettling, particularly when you realize who’s relieved he lost.

Ok, Doug Jones is now Senator-elect Jones from the state of Alabama — no surprise there. This doesn’t really mark a YUUGE win for the Democrats (less than one percent ain’t a mandate), rather it just goes to show that the hyenas tracked down and devoured an old wounded wildebeest. All day we’ll be inundated with the pundits and prognosticators, but there are some very simple lessons learned and points of order from this special election.

First of all, the left has a powerful ally in the liberal progressive media, namely in this case, the Washington Post, owned by Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos. Isn’t it funny that the WashPo said nothing about Judge Roy Moore’s past until that perfect moment in the general election portion of this special election?

Why didn’t they make this brouhaha in the primary? Because they wanted a wounded prey that could be defeated. Doug Jones wouldn’t have had a chance in hades to win this election, save for the crippling of his opponent. And just like Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, they went for the legs, and were highly successful.

Going forward, any GOP candidate must strategize against the “surprise” moment the left will employ in order to undermine them. It will never be centered on issues or policy, but rather they will do what they do best: demonize, just as Saul Alinsky has taught them in his Rules for Radicals. It wasn’t that Doug Jones was a superior candidate, but Roy Moore was a damaged one, and they placed the voters in Alabama in a moral dilemma.

Second, blacks are still ol’ reliable for the progressive socialist left. The Democrats rolled out the identity politics pimps in Cory Booker, Duval Patrick, Barack Obama, and even Charles Barkley. It just goes to show that once again, the black vote can be duped by the party of slavery, secession, segregation, and socialism — none of which have bode well for the black community.

Someone in the GOP should have seen this a coming, but they NEVER do anything, take any action. The best representation of the failure of progressive socialist policies is evident in the urban centers, the black community especially. And what ended up bringing Doug Jones across the finish line? Yes, Jefferson County, Alabama, Birmingham, and I can just bet that any analysis of the socio-economic plight there will indicate failure, despair, despondence, dependence — the calling card of the welfare nanny-state, as advocated for by the liberal progressives of the Democrat Party.

However, right on cue, the same old faces show up and implore the folks on the modern 21st century economic plantation to harvest the new crop — electoral patronage, votes. Doug Jones won’t do a damn thing for the black communities in the deplorable urban centers of Alabama — well actually, his new daddy, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, ain’t thinking about none of those good colored folks down in ‘Bama who put Doug Jones over the top. Just doggone sad to be used in such a blatantly identifiable way. And even more pathetic that the GOP still doesn’t go behind enemy lines and point out this electoral abuse.

Third, did y’all hear that loud noise and feel that tremor last night? It was a shout and jumping coming from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The last thing McConnell wanted was to hold that meeting today at 10am ET to outline how the Senate GOP should message a Roy Moore victory. Let’s be honest, McConnell and the GOP establishment didn’t want to contend with the coming onslaught that was already prepared for them by the Democrats and their leftist media accomplices that would have begun immediately.

We all know the GOP folds like cheap stadium seats when assailed by the left, and this was going to be the “mother of all assaults.” However, if ol’ Mitch can find the courage, perhaps he can now retake the high ground and demand that Minnesota Senator Al Franken departs, immediately, from the U.S. Senate…not as he stated in his floor speech, that he would be “resigning in the coming weeks.”

McConnell does have the opportunity to go on offense and carpe diem. But nah, he won’t. He’s just satisfied Roy Moore didn’t win. See, McConnell didn’t want to answer questions about an ethics committee hearing and such.

But there’s someone else who’s probably glad that Moore didn’t win: President Donald Trump.

If Roy Moore had won and Mitch McConnell had surrendered, acquiesced, and cowered by starting up an ethics committee investigation into Roy Moore, the Democrats would have gotten a special gift. The Democrats would have then used that as an established precedent to demand the exact same thing be done against President Trump. Funny, they’re now all about going back in time to investigate allegations occurring prior to someone being in elected federal office.

Yet, when Bill Clinton was sitting in the Oval Office, well, that was just fine by them…not to mention all that happened while he was Governor of Arkansas. Ya know, perhaps that’s why the movie “Primary Colors” was never widely recognized, certainly not given attention for any awards. John Travolta was certainly a hands down Academy Award winner for Best Actor…if he’d been portraying a Republican.

The other thing that Mitch McConnell is grateful for with a Doug Jones win is that he now has a great excuse for getting nothing done. And I must admit, seven tax brackets in the GOP conference committee tax cut bill? No way I’d vote for that…and that’s what the U.S. Senate, Mitch McConnell wants. Sadly, the GOP establishment is just fine with a Roy Moore loss. It also gives them a reason to push back against another in the line of failed Senate GOP candidates who imploded — Roy Moore, Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Todd Akin, and Richard Mourdock.

And that brings me to the last point of my analysis of the Alabama senatorial special election. The biggest loser from last night is one Steve Bannon. He has truly suffered a massive fall from grace. There can be no doubt that the story today will be that Steve Bannon caused the GOP to lose a sure Senate seat in Alabama. There will be those who will lay the end of the Trump agenda at the feet of Steve Bannon. I’m not one of those, but Bannon’s vehement support of Roy Moore and his vitriolic attacks against the GOP establishment puts him squarely in the sights of those looking for the ultimate fall guy.

And as we go into 2018, what will become of those who’d been seeking Bannon’s support? Remember Bannon has been touting how he’s going to run candidates in primary elections against those he’s castigated as GOP establishment incumbents.

Methinks his job just got a tad bit harder to accomplish that objective, unless he seeks out potential challengers with impeccable resumes and the ability to soundly articulate the issues — and with clean records. Even without the sexual allegations against him, Judge Roy Moore struggled with a level of competence on the prevailing issues — we should all be able to agree with that.

I have no issue with someone being a fighter against the DC swamp, but ya also have to convince folks you’re knowledgeable. As we say in the Army, ain’t nobody following an idiot into a firefight. I’m not calling Roy Moore an idiot, but he was not an inspiring enough and capable leader to overcome the highly apparent hit job done against him — and watch, just as with Herman Cain, all the accusations and allegations will fade into Never Never Land now he’s been defeated.

But, the damage has been done to Steve Bannon, and the question is, is it irreparable?

So, going into the 2018 midterm elections, does the election victory of Doug Jones offer us any insight? Other than the fact that the left won not on issues, message, or with a strong candidate…they won by once again adhering to the Alinsky rules and wounding the opposition candidate beyond repair, turning morality as their weapon — how funny.

The whole “resistance” mantra isn’ a winning ticket, but what they have validated is finding a means to personally destroy the opposing candidate is a winning strategy. And all the progressive socialist left cares about is winning…by any means necessary.

That’s the lesson of the Alabama senatorial special election.

Source: Allen West