August 14, 2022

Spring Cleaning: Time for a Fresh Start

Regardless of what the groundhog may have predicted, it won’t be long before we notice longer days, warmer sunshine, budding flowers, and the onset of glorious spring. After the “dark winters” we’ve been through during the past few years, this year, more than ever, it seems apropos to embrace the spring cleaning season and get…

Fresh questions on what Fauci, government knew about COVID origin

Good morning and welcome to Fox News First. Here’s what you need to know as you start your day Fox News Special Report outlines fresh questions on what Fauci, government may have known about COVID originFresh questions are being raised about what American scientists and federal health officials knew about the origins of the coronavirus […]

Polling: Joe Biden’s Average Approval Rating Sinks to Fresh Low

Another day, another set of polls, another new low for President Joe Biden. That mantra was repeated Monday when polling data website FiveThirtyEight showed Biden’s approval rating has dipped to a new low of 43.4 percent. The plunge came even as he works through a legislative logjam on Capitol Hill involving two spending bills key…

Fresh Polling: Shutting Down Government Over DACA Was Not Good For Democrats .

The government will officially reopen Monday afternoon after a three day tantrum from Democrats over DACA. Just before 1 o’clock, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer made the announcement Democrats would vote in favor of reopening. The final tally was 81-18. But new polling from Harvard-Harris shows Democrats following Schumer’s lead to shut down the government on […]

Cruz Hater Karl Rove: Let’s Go with a Fresh Face at the Convention!

Karl Rove, establishment hack extraordinaire, has cobbled up a new plan to deny a proven conservative (read: Ted Cruz) the nomination. In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, the former George W. Bush strategist also known as The Architect explained what he and his fellow establishmentarians have in mind: I think, though, that let’s say this. […]