April 24, 2024

Massive coast-to-coast winter storm to pummel millions with blizzard conditions, significant icing

A major and disruptive¬†winter¬†storm could go down in the¬†history¬†books for parts of the¬†U.S.¬†as it impacts millions of people with heavy¬†snow,¬†blizzard¬†conditions and significant icing. This coast-to-coast winter storm could be among the top snowstorms to ever strike¬†Minneapolis, with the Twin Cities potentially seeing up to 2 feet of snow by the time the massive storm system […]

Trump Admin Cracks Down On #FakeNews By Icing Out CNN

CNN Gets Iced Out By Trump CNN picked the wrong President to wage war against. On a daily basis one can tune into any number of media outlets and see reports of how CNN is once again distorting the news. The New York Times recently said that CNN is ‚ÄúSidelining The Issues And Real Reporting‚Ķ[and […]