June 28, 2022

Pope Francis: Europe’s Demographic Winter a ‘Serious Matter,’ ‘Cannot Be Ignored’

ROME — Pope Francis warned again of Europe’s “demographic winter” on Friday, caused by a dangerously low birthrate far beneath replacement levels. “The family – as we know – is the main antidote to poverty, both material and spiritual, as it is also to the problem of demographic winter or irresponsible motherhood and fatherhood,” the…

Winter storm to bring hazardous weather across US

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! A dynamic winter storm is bringing all sorts of weather hazards across the country on Tuesday and Wednesday.  MOST WIDESPREAD DROUGHT IN 9 YEARS EXPECTED TO EXPAND  U.S. futuretrack (Credit: Fox News) Heavy snow and blizzard conditions are impacting the Midwest across the Great Lakes.   Winter weather […]

Missouri National Guard troops aid stranded drivers during winter storm

Hundreds of Missouri National Guard troops have been traveling along the state’s roadways this week to rescue drivers left stranded in their vehicles by recent winter storms, officials said. Republican Gov. Mike Parson activated about 600 troops Tuesday to partner with the Missouri State Highway Patrol to help more than 1,500 stuck drivers after wintry […]

India to skip Winter Olympics opening ceremony over China’s torchbearer selection

India will not attend Friday’s opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, after one of the torchbearers reportedly chosen by Chinese authorities riled up New Delhi’s anger. India’s foreign affairs spokesman Arindam Bagchi on Thursday said it was “regrettable that the Chinese side has chosen to politicize an event like the Olympics.” LIVE UPDATES: BEIJING […]

Carolinas bears brunt as southeast winter storm leaves hundreds of thousands without power

A winter storm making its way through the Southeastern portion of the United States has left hundreds of thousands of people without power. Across the Southeast, there were more than 200,000 power outages reported across the region as of Sunday afternoon as a result of the winter storm, according to PowerOutage.us.  North Carolina Gov. Roy […]

The IOC’s Reputation Goes Downhill With Beijing Winter Olympics

Commentary Is the International Olympic Committee (IOC) a puppet, like the World Health Organization (WHO), that’s been bought and paid for by Beijing? That would appear to be the case. But how could that be? The IOC’s Foundational Principles After all, the Olympic Charter’s foundational values demand “respect for universal ethical principles.” This primary objective…

Biden warns unvaccinated Americans facing winter of 'severe illness and death'

Good morning and welcome to Fox News First. Here’s what you need to know as you start your day … Biden warns unvaccinated Americans facing winter of ‘severe illness and death’President Biden said Thursday that Americans unvaccinated against the coronavirus are facing a winter of “severe illness and death.” “It’s here now and it’s spreading […]

Let There Be Light: Christmas Lights Lift Spirits in Dark Days of Winter

When I was growing up in the ’50s and ’60s, the passage from Thanksgiving leftovers to packages under the tree started with my mother. On the first Sunday of Advent, she would assemble an evergreen wreath with four candles—three purple and one pink. Some years, she would attach satin ribbon bows to the base of…

Biden’s FCC Nominee ‘Enemy of the Press’

Freedom of the press is one of the most sacred parts of America’s democracy. With Joe Biden’s latest nominee for the FCC, however, that freedom is under threat …

US announces diplomatic boycott of China’s Winter Olympics

Exclusive — Sam Brownback Calls on Woke Corporations to Pull Advertising Dollars Out of Beijing Winter Olympics 

Sam Brownback, former U.S. Senator, Kansas Governor, and U.S. Ambassador for international religious freedom, appeared on Breitbart News Saturday and called on woke corporations like Coca-Cola and AirBnb to pull their advertising dollars out of the Beijing Winter Olympics amid China’s numerous human rights violations. LISTEN: Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle opened the show noting that Friday,…

The Abortion Debate’s Absolutism Helps Left-Wing Issues Become Part of the Fabric of the Country’s Existence

You can understand why, when the legality of restrictions on abortion came up before the Supreme Court this week in the Mississippi case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the arguments there as well as in the media were all about theoretical matters. At what age does the fetus become viable—that is, able to…

NTSB Issues Safety Alert to Subways, Rail Over Wheel Defect

The National Transportation Safety Board on Wednesday issued a safety alert to subway systems and commuter railroads over a wheelset problem that led to a derailment in the nation’s capital, saying the defect is difficult to detect and potentially devastating. The investigative agency released a preliminary report of its ongoing probe into the Oct. 12…

Biden’s Plan To Fight COVID-19 Through Winter Includes Stricter Rules For Travelers

President Joe Biden’s new COVID-19 plan for the winter includes tighter rules for travel and free at-home tests, he explained Thursday.Biden was expected to announce his multi-step plan to combat COVID-19 this week, and the move comes as the new Omicron variant continues to spread across the U.S. One of the more notable changes is…

The Environment Agency warns of a wet winter – but is the UK prepared for future flooding?

Moderna: Booster Shot ‘Will Likely Be Necessary Prior to the Winter Season’

Moderna said on Thursday a third shot of its two-dose vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus will “likely be necessary” prior to winter — news that follows discussions of ongoing coronavirus booster shots similar to an annual flu shot. Moderna announced additional data on its vaccine on Thursday, revealing it is maintaining a 93 percent efficacy…

The 15 Best Winter Vests for Men to Layer Like a Pro

Assorted retailers Your parents might have told you this when you were a kid, and, well, they were right: Layer up during the winter and you’ll always be able to achieve the perfect temperature, no matter what’s happening with the weather.From winter hikes, to hitting the slopes, to simply strolling around town, the logic holds…

Ivy League Cancels Winter Sports Season over Coronavirus Spike

The Ivy League has canceled its winter sports season over a recent spike in positive coronavirus tests in Massachusetts. The athletic conference of elite east coast schools previously announced in July that fall sports would be canceled as part of an effort to comply with state and university restrictions on gatherings. According to a report…

Half of German Women Feel Unsafe in Their Own Neighbourhoods

Nearly half of Germany’s women now feel unsafe walking about their local neighbourhood, a survey has revealed, with many taking precautions such as pepper spray with them when out at night. The survey, by Emnid for Bild am Sonntag further found that 58 per cent of women believe that public places have become less safe […]