June 20, 2024

Chris Matthews: People Who Believe ‘Constantly Lying’ Trump ‘Are Crazy’

MSNBC political commentator Chris Matthews said Monday on “Morning Joe” that people who believed former President Donald Trump were “crazy.” Matthews said, “Well, you’ve got 200 people who have already plead guilty to felony charges for January 6th at the U.S. Capitol. That’s real business. These people can face up to 18 to 20 years

Half of German Women Feel Unsafe in Their Own Neighbourhoods

Nearly half of Germany’s women now feel unsafe walking about their local neighbourhood, a survey has revealed, with many taking precautions such as pepper spray with them when out at night. The survey, by Emnid for Bild am Sonntag further found that 58 per cent of women believe that public places have become less safe […]