June 10, 2023

In Beijing Trump BLASTS Previous Administrations for $347 Billion Trade Deficit with China (VIDEO)

Trump BLASTS Previous Administrations for Screwing US Workers The¬†U.S. trade deficit¬†with¬†China¬†was $347 billion in 2016.¬†The¬†trade deficit¬†exists because U.S.¬†exports¬†to China were only $116 billion while¬†imports¬†from China were $463 billion ‚ÄĒ via The Balance. On Thursday President Trump told a Beijing audience, ‚ÄúI don‚Äôt blame China!‚ÄĚ for the massive US trade deficit with the economic giant. In […]

Half of German Women Feel Unsafe in Their Own Neighbourhoods

Nearly half of Germany‚Äôs women now feel unsafe walking about their local neighbourhood, a survey has revealed, with many taking precautions such as pepper spray with them when out at night. The survey, by Emnid for Bild am Sonntag further found that 58 per cent of women believe that public places have become less safe […]

ISIS Releases Hit List of US Churches to Target for Christmas- Previous List Included: NY, CA, TX and FL Churches

ISIS fighters remove the cross from a church in Iraq-Syria. ISIS supporters posted a list of Christian Churches to target for attacks this Christmas season. The list appeared in a recent online post. Vocativ reported: A user going by the name of ‚ÄúAbu Marya al-Iraqi‚ÄĚ posted an Arabic-language message calling ‚Äúfor bloody celebrations in the […]

Trump Asking Evangelical Leaders for Appointment Recommendations at Higher Level Than Previous Presidents, Richard Land Says

Signaling his apparent commitment to the evangelical community, President-elect Donald Trump will be keeping his¬†Evangelical Advisory Board¬†and has been soliciting their recommendations as he forms his administration. (Photo: REUTERS/MIKE SEGAR)President-elect Donald Trump prays with pastors during a campaign visit to the International Church of Las Vegas and the International Christian Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada, […]