September 30, 2022

Liberal Bill Maher criticizes Portland public schools curriculum | Oregon Moms Union President

On Tuesday’s ‘National Report’, Oregon Moms Union President MacKensey Pulliam reacts to liberal comedian Bill Maher criticizing Portland public schools curriculum. Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115, Dish 216, Spectrum (see channels), Cox, Optimum, U-Verse 1120, FiOS 615, Suddenlink, CenturyLink 1209, Mediacom 277, Fubo, Sling, WOW!, Armstrong, or the Newsmax App. Get the latest […]

BREAKING: State Department advises Americans to leave Russia immediately

On Wednesday’s ‘National Report’, The State Department has advised all Americans to leave Russia immediately. Former Trump VA Secretary Robert Wilkie reacts. Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115, Dish 216, Spectrum (see channels), Cox, Optimum, U-Verse 1120, FiOS 615, Suddenlink, CenturyLink 1209, Mediacom 277, Fubo, Sling, WOW!, Armstrong, or the Newsmax App. Get the […]

Iranian government refuses to reform as protests erupt | The Record with Greta Van Susteren

Soraya Lennie says that the Iranian protests are driven overwhelmingly by young people who do not have the memory of the disappointing Green Revolution in 2009. “Many Iranians see no point to the morality police other than to quite frankly terrorize a population.” Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115, Dish 216, Spectrum (see channels), […]

WATCH: Jen Psaki distances herself from President Joe Biden

NewsMax Adria – UVOD – 08.08.2022.

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Trump lawyer: I look forward to when this happens

Trump attorney Christina Bobb speaks to Eric Bolling about the unannounced and unprecedented FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago and what could happen next Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115, Dish 216, Spectrum (see channels), Cox, Optimum, U-Verse 1120, FiOS 615, Suddenlink, CenturyLink 1209, Mediacom 277, Fubo, Sling, WOW!, Armstrong, or the Newsmax App. Newsmax thanks […]

Lesko Discusses the Baby Formula Shortage and #BidenBorderCrisis on Newsmax

I sat down with Mercedes Schlapp and Jenn Pellegrino on Newsmax to discuss the baby formula shortage and the #BidenBorderCrisis!

Bobby Eberle on Newsmax — Biden, Ultra MAGA, and Jen Psaki!

Russia Withdrawing Troops From Ukraine After ‘Heavy Losses,’ Intelligence Agency Says

Russia is now withdrawing some of its troops after suffering “heavy losses” in recent days, claimed the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense on Thursday. In an update posted on social media, the ministry alleged that “Ukrainian forces are continuing to counterattack to the north of Kharkiv, recapturing several towns and villages towards the Russian border.” “Despite Russia’s…

EXCLUSIVE: No, Jen Psaki, Trump Didn’t Start The DHS ‘Truth Ministry.’ That’s Literal Disinformation

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has spread disinformation repeatedly from the podium while speaking about the Disinformation Governance Board, claiming its “work” was present under the Trump administration.Psaki’s go-to defense of the establishment of the board under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a continuation “of disinformation-related work that began under the prior…

‘I Don’t Have Any Information’: Fox News Reporter Presses Psaki On Biden’s New Minister Of Truth Being Biased

White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed to have no information Thursday on the new head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board.Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich questioned Psaki about the board’s executive director Nina Jankowicz and concerns about her possible bias. Jankowicz, a global fellow at the Wilson Center, cast doubt on…

Chris Wallace: Jen Psaki Restored ‘Much-Needed Civility to the White House Briefing Room’

CNN+ anchor Chris Wallace praised outgoing White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Wednesday on his show “Look Who Is Talking to Chris Wallace” for bringing “civility” back to the White House briefing room. Wallace said, “You have been, I think it’s fair to say, been widely praised for your stint here at the White House.…

WH Spox Psaki Admits Joe Biden Might Get Coronavirus After Contact with Infected Democrats

The White House on Friday set the stage for President Joe Biden to contract the coronavirus, acknowledging it was a strong possibility. “Like anyone else, the President may at some point test positive for COVID,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during the daily briefing on Friday. The president has received four shots of…

Jen Psaki is a one-line puppet, it’s hate Trump and blame Putin | ‘National Report’

Jen Psaki Tests Positive for Coronavirus Again, Over Four Months After First Infection

White House press secretary Jen Psaki again tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday, she revealed in a statement. “Today, in preparation for travel to Europe, I took a PCR test this morning. That test came back positive, which means I will be adhering to CDC guidance and no longer be traveling on the President’s trip…

Psaki dances around Newsmax correspondent’s question | STINCHFIELD on Newsmax

Psaki Says No Venezuelan Oil ‘at This Time’ as Hispanic Support for Democrats Collapses

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki repeatedly shut down questions about President Joe Biden potentially cutting a deal to import oil from socialist Venezuela on Monday after rumors of such a move, fueled by a U.S. delegation to Caracas, prompted international outrage. Psaki temporarily ruled out importing Venezuelan oil shortly after polling […]

Carl Higbie: Ms. Psaki, this is how our oil market works | ‘Wake Up America’

White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing with reporters — 2/22/22

White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing on Tuesday. » Subscribe to CNBC TV:» Subscribe to CNBC:» Subscribe to CNBC Classic: Turn to CNBC TV for the latest stock market news and analysis. From market futures to live price updates CNBC is the leader in business news worldwide. Connect […]

China Refuses to Denounce Russian Attack on Ukraine, Blames US For Stoking Tensions

China has refused to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, saying the regime won’t rush to conclusions, and instead accused the United States of inflaming the possibility of war in the region. During a tense press briefing on Feb. 24 that ran for more than 90 minutes, China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying skirted a half-dozen…

Psaki Responds After Ted Cruz Gives Her Nickname Based On A ‘Peanuts’ Character

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki reacted to Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz calling her “Peppermint Patty” at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Thursday.At the conference, Cruz elicited a round of booing from the crowd after mentioning Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the ongoing conflict with the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” protest. Cruz then…

Jen Psaki clashes with liberal MSNBC host over Biden’s filibuster flip-flop

White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s appearance on MSNBC Thursday wasn’t the normal friendly affair as she clashed with left-wing host Mehdi Hasan. During an appearance on “The 11th Hour,” Psaki was pressed by Hasan over the timeline of Biden’s decision to change his mind and openly support the idea of changing the Senate filibuster, […]

Jen Psaki spins President Biden’s inflation crisis | The Chris Salcedo Show

NYCFC Outlasts Union 2–1 to Reach 1St MLS Cup Final

CHESTER, PA.—Sean Johnson high-stepped his way up the stairs at the back of a makeshift stage as his New York City FC teammates parted to let the standout goalie slide through the gap. He crouched and then burst straight up with the MLS Eastern Conference championship trophy as New York danced and shook the floor…

WATCH: Jen Psaki Mocks Free At-Home COVID Testing, Already the Norm in UK

White House press secretary Jen Psaki appeared to mock the idea of free at-home COVID tests in a testy exchange with a journalist at the daily press briefing on Monday. National Public Radio’s Mara Liasson asked Psaki why the U.S. government did not make COVID tests free and available everywhere — a policy backed by…

Kayleigh McEnany: Media Ask Psaki Softball Questions

During this week’s “Sunday Night in America” on Fox News Channel, former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany pointed out a stark difference between her treatment from the media and that of President Joe Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki. According to McEnany, Psaki gets softball questions while her questioning from the liberal media was “very…

Jen Psaki After OSHA Pauses Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: ‘Nothing Has Changed’

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has once again told businesses with 100 employees or more to continue implementing President Biden’s vaccine mandate despite the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) suspending the implementation per a court order. “Let me be very clear: our message to businesses right now is to move forward with measures that…

Psaki Blows Off ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chants Exploding Across America

November 12, 2021 4:49 PM ET White House press secretary Jen Psaki dismissed a reporter’s question regarding “Let’s Go Brandon” chants during a press briefing Friday.“There’s a phenomenon lately chanted at sporting events and on signs. The phrase is ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’” NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent, Peter Alexander, said. “A sort of code for…

‘It’s No Surprise’: Psaki Responds To Reports Of Biden Admin Flying Migrants To New York, Florida

White House press secretary Jen Psaki argued it should be “no surprise” to Americans that President Joe Biden’s administration is conducting overnight flights to bring migrants to Florida and New York from the border Tuesday.Reports of the early morning flights first emerged Tuesday, leading reporters to press Psaki on the purpose of the flights and…

Jen Psaki Gets the Annie Leibovitz Treatment in Glowing Vogue Profile

Vogue magazine, which refused to profile First Lady (and former supermodel) Melania Trump throughout four years of Donald Trump’s presidency, published a lavish puff piece on President Joe Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, Monday. The profile features glamour shots by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, and hard-hitting journalism by Lizzie Widdicombe, who notes that Psaki doesn’t…