January 20, 2021

Is Trump Right About Trade?

For a man who has free-associated his way to within one step of the presidency, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has one thing right: Free trade agreements have decimated manufacturing jobs in the United States. For generations, the number of jobs in the manufacturing sector told the tale of robust production of American goods. The […]

TPP Imposes EU-Style “Commission” on America

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will impose a European Union-style “commission” on the region with broad powers over the 12 nations ensnared in the “free trade” regime, including the United States, the text of the treaty explains. And the Obama administration-backed agreement is bad news for a number of other reasons, too, threatening U.S. sovereignty, the […]

O’Reilly & Krauthammer Miscued on Clues to Obama’s Climate Agenda

The O’Reilly Factor‘s Bill O’Reilly pressed renowned columnist and commentator Charles Krauthammer for an answer. O’Reilly wanted to know why President Barack Obama is so relentless in his drive to convince the world that global warming is a bigger threat than ISIS.   Krauthammer gave a frank psychoanalysis of Obama, but it failed to hold water […]

TPP Enters USA into a ‘New Trans-National Union’

Stephen Miller, one of the staff leaders for Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), was asked by host, Stephen K. Bannon: “Isn’t the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) really a global governance deal, rather than a trade agreement? Is this a way to get the United States into a Pacific Union, as Senator Sessions lays out, […]

5 Reasons Free Traders Should Oppose Obamatrade – FAST TRACK AND TPP

The debate over whether Congress should grant President Obama fast track authority to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreements has now been reduced down to a false choice between free trade and protectionism. Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast writes, “it’s absurd for conservatives to oppose a free-trade deal just […]


Reasons to Oppose President Obama’s Intent to Fast Track (TPA) the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Agreement The TPP provision for an Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) allows foreign nations & companies to sue U.S. states and municipalities in global courts. ISDS provisions within the TPP also give global courts authority to override federal, state, and […]

GOP helps Obama advance global-integration agenda

 NEW YORK – With the assistance of Republican leadership in Congress, the Obama administration took a major step toward systematically putting into place a two-ocean globalist plan that will dwarf all prior trade agreements, including NAFTA. In so doing, the White House has created a new challenge to Hillary Clinton’s struggling presidential campaign. In a […]