May 19, 2022

Trump to sign executive order to withdraw from TPP

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order Monday announcing his plan to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, according to multiple reports. He will instead start individual trade negotiations with the countries in the partnership, NBC News reported. Those who will head up the new deals include Commerce Secretary nominee Wilbur […]

More Than 100 State and Local Governments Considering Anti-TPP Resolutions

More than 100 state and local governments have introduced or passed resolutions opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In addition, more than 100 resolutions opposing the TPP were passed at recent precinct caucuses in Iowa. [Kenneth Quinnell| February, 18 2016 |AFL-CIO| Leaders like Jon Weissman, secretary-treasurer of the Pioneer Valley AFL-CIO, have condemned TPP while passing the […]

TPP A Massive Power Grab, Says Watchdog

Although there are many reasons to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), as The New American has amply documented, a new cause for opposition has recently been unearthed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). In what EFF calls “an underhanded attempt to renegotiate the [TPP] before its ink is even dry,” a one-word change to a […]

TPP Imposes EU-Style “Commission” on America

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will impose a European Union-style “commission” on the region with broad powers over the 12 nations ensnared in the “free trade” regime, including the United States, the text of the treaty explains. And the Obama administration-backed agreement is bad news for a number of other reasons, too, threatening U.S. sovereignty, the […]

DEVELOPING: Obama Set to Sign Deal Allowing Foreign Takeover of America’s Land and Resources

Once shrouded in secrecy, President Barack Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership is now becoming public, and what we’re discovering is absolutely frightening. Apparently the deal reverses policies in place to protect national security. Chapter 11 of the deal allows foreign investors the rights to acquire American land, businesses, ports, natural resources, infrastructure and other property. Advertisement – […]

O’Reilly & Krauthammer Miscued on Clues to Obama’s Climate Agenda

The O’Reilly Factor‘s Bill O’Reilly pressed renowned columnist and commentator Charles Krauthammer for an answer. O’Reilly wanted to know why President Barack Obama is so relentless in his drive to convince the world that global warming is a bigger threat than ISIS.   Krauthammer gave a frank psychoanalysis of Obama, but it failed to hold water […]

Mark Levin: TPP Would ‘Destroy The Constitution’ And Put Us On A ‘Fast Track To Hell’ [AUDIO]

Mark Levin blasted the Trans-Pacific Partnership, likening it to the “Destroy-The-Constitution deal.” Appearing on Sirius XM Patriot 125 on Monday, Levin explained the TTP, which is 6,000 pages long, 2 million words and 30 chapters. “The people who are required to comply with it are not going to comprehend it.” (RELATED: Obama’s Convoluted TPP Agreement Is THREE TIMES […]

Democrat: TPP Trade Deal Includes ‘Exclusions up the Wazoo’

GettyImages-186205851 pascrell A Democrat Congressman is blasting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal — which impacts 40 percent of the world economy, consists of 12 countries and was made public on Thursday — saying it includes “exclusions up the wazoo.” “The text that I’ve read so far includes annexes and exclusions up the wazoo,” Rep. […]

Julian Assange On The TPP: “Deal Isn’t About Trade, It’s About Corporate Control”

It’s mostly not about trade. Only 5 of the 29 chapters are about traditional trade. – Julian Assange in a recent interview with Democracy Now I’ve focused a little bit more of my attention on the Trans-Pacific Partnership lately, as the Obama Administration scrambles to attain “fast-track” authority from Congress. The content of this unbelievably […]

House Passes Fast-Track Trade Bill, but Senate Outcome Uncertain

The House on Thursday passed legislation to restore presidential power to ease trade pacts through Congress, as Republicans and pro-trade Democrats drove through a new fast-track bill a week after liberals brought down a similar measure in an uprising against their own president. The 218-208 vote was the House’s second attempt to give President Barack […]

TPP Enters USA into a ‘New Trans-National Union’

Stephen Miller, one of the staff leaders for Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), was asked by host, Stephen K. Bannon: “Isn’t the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) really a global governance deal, rather than a trade agreement? Is this a way to get the United States into a Pacific Union, as Senator Sessions lays out, […]

Why America Hates the GOP-Obamatrade Deal

Constitutional conservatives don’t like it. Trade unions abhor it. Obama critics hate it. Environmentalists despise it. Outside the Beltway bubble, a broad coalition of voters from the left, right and center opposes the mega-trade deal getting rammed through Congress this week by the Republican establishment on behalf of the White House. Here’s why. The Obama […]

Expert’s Warning to America on Trade Deal: ‘This Is a Real Problem. It’s Not a Hypothetical’

Expanded trade authority could lead the United States into an agreement to change its visa policies, tossing the two contentious issues of immigration and free trade in the crosshairs. In the rare instance, the bulk of congressional Republicans stand with President Barack Obama on Trade Promotion Authority, also known as fast track. This allows the […]

Obamatrade a 100th-birthday gift for David Rockefeller?

NEW YORK – As the U.S. House prepares to vote on President Obama’s controversial Obamatrade legislation – regarded by opponents as a surrender of U.S. sovereignty to a new international authority and a “nascent European Union” – two historically significant promoters of globalism are celebrating birthdays Friday, with David Rockefeller turning 100 and former President […]

5 Reasons Free Traders Should Oppose Obamatrade – FAST TRACK AND TPP

The debate over whether Congress should grant President Obama fast track authority to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreements has now been reduced down to a false choice between free trade and protectionism. Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast writes, “it’s absurd for conservatives to oppose a free-trade deal just […]

What you need to know about Fast Track

1. What is fast-track trade authority? Fast track allows a treaty to be ratified with a simple majority vote in both houses rather than the constitutionally-required two-thirds majority in the Senate. It also requires that a treaty be brought up in a short time period after submission by the President and prevents Congress from amending […]

Trade Promotion Authority Imperils American Independence

Trade Promotion Authority Imperils American Independence Chairman Orrin Hatch (R) and Ranking Member Ron Wyden (L) of the Senate Finance Committee On April 16 Senate Finance and House Ways and Means committees introduced Trade Promotion Authority bill. On April 16, a new Trade Promotion Authority bill was unveiled by the Senate Finance Committee and House […]

GOP helps Obama advance global-integration agenda

 NEW YORK – With the assistance of Republican leadership in Congress, the Obama administration took a major step toward systematically putting into place a two-ocean globalist plan that will dwarf all prior trade agreements, including NAFTA. In so doing, the White House has created a new challenge to Hillary Clinton’s struggling presidential campaign. In a […]