September 25, 2021

FBI Paid for Dossier, Used it to Wiretap Trump, Strzok Then Used for FISA Court (Video)

DEEP STATE BUSTED! Rep. Jim Jordan: FBI Paid for Dossier, Used it to Wiretap Trump, Strzok Then Used for FISA Court (Video)

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) pressed FBI Director Christopher Wray last week during a House hearing demanding that Wray confirm whether or not Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok used the fake propaganda dossier to apply for the FISA warrant to spy on Trump officials.

On Thursday night Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) went on with Lou Dobbs and continued to his rant against the corrupt FBI, the GP reported.

Jordan believes the FISA court application to spy on the Trump campaign will prove that the FBI used the fake dossier to spy on opposing party, the GP reported.

Lou Dobbs to Rep. Jim Jordan:

There are a couple of fundamental questions here. Did the FBI pay Christopher Steele? I asked that of the Attorney General two weeks ago he wouldn’t answer the question. Did they actually vet this dossier?… Because it’s been disproven, a bunch of lies, a bunch of National Enquirer garbage and fake news in this thing.

Did they actually check it out before they brought it to the FISA Court which I’m convinced they did. And all of this can be cleared up if they release the application that they took to the court… I think they won’t give it to us because they did pay Christopher Steele. I think they did use the dossier as the basis for the warrants to spy on Americans associated with President Trump’s campaign… (Strzok) is the guy who took the dossier to the FISA Court.

Rep. Jim Jordan: FBI Used Dossier to Wiretap Trump, Strzok involved, FBI Paid Fusion GPS

New information shows that Comey statement was edited revealing bias.


Source: The Gateway Pundit