August 16, 2022

NewsMax Adria – UVOD – 17.06.2022.

Petak je počeo opušteno – bez žurbe, barem što se tiče formiranja insitutucija. Izbori u Velikom trnovcu se opet ponavljaju, novi saziv parlementa ćemo dobiti ko zna kad jer sve mora po zakonu u pravnoj državi, a onda još opuštenije i u maksimalnom zakonskom roku mogu da počnu pregovori o formiranju late. Nije loše za […]

Pro-life Spiderman scales buildings to raise awareness against abortion

NYC City Council Bans Gas in New Buildings in the Name of Climate Change

The New York City Council on Wednesday voted to ban natural gas lines in new buildings as a way to combat so-called climate change. Outgoing Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to sign a bill into a law that will ban new gas stoves, boilers, and heaters. “We’re making it clear that the next…

China Forces All Religious Buildings to Fly Communist Flag.

China’s state-run newspaper Global Times derided critics in the West Thursday for condemning a new initiative forcing all religious buildings to fly China’s red flag as a means to “enhance the concept of nation.” The newspaper claimed the move was necessary because, without imposing the government’s wishes on individual religions, the nation could “lurch toward war.” […]

Baltimore Destroyed: Rioters Burn Buildings, Injure Police, Attack Reporters and Loot Local Stores

After a week of protests and the funeral of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who recently died in police custody of serious injuries, rioters took to the streets of Baltimore late Monday afternoon and rampaged through the city until the early hours of the morning burning buildings, cars, looting local stores, attacking police and reporters. Fifteen police […]