June 28, 2022

Ukraine War: Russian forces are in for a ‘big fight’ to capture Kyiv

60 Baby Yoda Memes That Capture The Mandalorian Character’s Pure Joy and Delight

We all know about Internet Boyfriends, a.k.a. when Twitter decides that like men like Oscar Isaac, Idris Elba, and Adam Driver are perfect and we would all be blessed to have them in our lives. But there’s also a more recent phenomenon, which we’re dubbing Internet Babies. Whether it’s Baby Groot or that obese cat,…

State Department Warns Travelers That Iran Is Looking to Capture Americans

Thirty-seven years of soft-pedaling the gangster nature of the Iranian state may be changing as the State Department has finally warned Americans not to travel to Iran due to the eagerness of the mullahs to capture Americans. You don’t think the $400 million ransom payment has anything to do with Iran’s desire to take more […]


On December 28, 2015, Iraqi soldiers captured most of Ramadi, the Sunni capital of Anbar province. This is the first major victory for the Baghdad government in its military campaign against Daesh, also called the Islamic State, ISIS and ISIL. The soldiers raised their flag over the government building in the center of Ramadi. This […]