April 8, 2020


On December 28, 2015, Iraqi soldiers captured most of Ramadi, the Sunni capital of Anbar province. This is the first major victory for the Baghdad government in its military campaign against Daesh, also called the Islamic State, ISIS and ISIL. The soldiers raised their flag over the government building in the center of Ramadi. This […]

Iraqi Army Liberates Ramadi from ISIS

In a major victory against ISIS, the Iraqi army claims it has recaptured Ramadi. The key Iraqi city was encircled by Iraqi troops for weeks, but they had yet to deliver the final knockout blow. That was taken care of Sunday, the army says. Its soldiers pushed in and recaptured the city’s central administration complex. Earlier today, the […]

NBC’s Richard Engel: Strategy to Take Back Ramadi Almost Laughable

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “NewsNation,” NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel discussed the new strategy of the Obama administration’s coalition against ISIS to take back the city of Ramadi and called it “almost laughable.” Engel said, “The Iraqi government is not being effective so far in the campaign to fight against ISIS. The Iraqi army has collapsed […]

Mother of SEAL Killed In Ramadi: It’s Like Admin Wants ‘To Lose Over There’

Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee, whose son, Aviation Ordnanceman 2nd Class (SEAL) Marc A. Lee , was killed in Ramadi on August 2, 2006 said that she feels like the Obama administration wants “to lose that territory” and “lose over there” on Monday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel. Lee stated that […]

Islamic State Takes Ramadi, Obama Preaches Climate

Bill Bennett and Mark Thiessen on Islamic State’s stunning capture of Anbar province–formally secured by the United States before President Obama pulled the troops. Dennis Prager on Islamic State’s continued triumphs. Hugh Hewitt with Kirsten Powers, author of “The Silencing.” Charles Krauthammer and Hugh Hewitt discuss Obama’s ongoing itch to vilify Fox News. Prager on […]

Fall of Ramadi Raises Questions About Obama’s Strategy to Defeat ISIS in Iraq

The seizure of the city of Ramadi by the Islamic State (or ISIS) on Sunday was a major setback for the Iraqi government and for the Obama administration. Although U.S. officials downplayed the significance of the defeat, saying that Ramadi was not “strategic” in a military sense, Ramadi is a very important political symbol because […]

Delta Force HAND-TO-HAND fighting in terror raid gave 12 ISIS KILLERS their death wish

Islamic State militants may have gotten just what they have been clamoring for all these months in a daring raid by U.S. special forces. And they may not be quite as eager for another taste. As more details emerge about the successful raid into eastern Syria Saturday that killed a key ISIS leader, it appears […]

Obama and His Administration: Waging a JV War

Iraqi anti-terrorism forces patrol in central Ramadi, Iraq. Photo: AP As Iraqis fight to repel ISIS forces in Ramadi, the Obama administration is deeming this vital city expendable. In so doing, the White House shows it understands nothing about the value of Ramadi or even its own capacity to defend it. There’s no better example […]