October 3, 2023

Worker Sucked into Jet Engine at San Antonio Airport

An airport worker is dead after being sucked into a plane engine on the tarmac at San Antonio International Airport on Friday night.  The incident happened at 10:25 p.m. right after Delta 1111 had just landed from its flight from Los Angeles. The plane was moving slowly toward the gate and had just one engine

Watch NASA Fire Its Next Gen Rocket Engine for Deep Space

NASA has successfully tested a new type of rocket dubbed the rotating detonation rocket engine (RDRE)—laying the groundwork for a future propulsion system that could take us to the Moon and even beyond Mars into deep space.The RDRE’s design allows it to use less fuel than current propulsion systems, while also producing more power and

Google Built China A Prototype Search Engine That Allows Government To Spy On Citizens’ Search Queries.

Imagine if the U.S. government was able to freely access your search history and use it against you. That’s what may end up happening in China, thanks to a censored search engine built for the country by Google. As reported by The Intercept, “The search engine, codenamed Dragonfly, was designed for Android devices, and would […]