August 17, 2022

‚ÄėUnderstanding China‚Äô in Light of the Ukraine Crisis

Beijing has considered international response to potential invasion of Taiwan, says academic China‚Äôs threats against Taiwan are not being overlooked amid the war in Ukraine given their similarities to how Russia prepared for its invasion. In this context, a member of the U.S. National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, speaking at a defence conference in Ottawa,…

‚ÄėFive-Alarm Fire For The Democratic Party‚Äô: New WSJ Poll Spells Doom For The Midterms

New polling suggests President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have lost voters‚Äô trust on important issues heading into the 2022 midterms, where the Republican Party is expected to pick up key seats.Despite Biden‚Äôs temporary bump in national approval after defending Ukraine‚Äôs sovereignty in his recent State of the Union address, 57% of voters said…

WSJ: The FBI Hid A Mole In The Trump Campaign

On Wednesday we reported on an intense battle playing out between House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA), the Department of Justice, and the Mueller investigation concerning a cache of intelligence that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein refuses to hand over – a request he equated to “extortion.” On Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that […]

WSJ Columnist: The FBI Is Abusing Secrecy Powers To Save Itself From Embarrassment.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has seen better days. While there is zero evidence of collusion, the political Left thinks Russia‚Äôs meddling in our 2016 election helped tilt the race in Donald Trump‚Äôs favor. Congress has launched investigations into the matter. Yet, it seems the meddling was also coming from within the halls of the […]

WSJ: There’s Mounting Evidence of 2016 Election Meddling Coming From the FBI.

There is something rotten at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I mean all of this is just absurd. We have two FBI agents texting one another, one of which is having an extramarital affair with the other, cryptically talking about ‚Äúinsurance‚ÄĚ against a Trump presidency. That text between these two agents was delivered on August […]

WSJ: Trump Ends Campaign with ‚ÄėOvertly Nationalist Message‚Äô

Beth Reinhard writes in The Wall Street Journal that Republican nominee Donald Trump ended his campaign Monday night in Michigan with the same ‚Äúovertly nationalist message‚ÄĚ that he started it with 19 months ago in New York City. From The Wall Street Journal: Donald Trump¬†ended his presidential bid Monday the same way he started it […]

WSJ: ‚ÄėNation Now Has Proof‚Äô of Hillary Scandals, But Leftist Media ‚ÄėDevote Its Front Pages to the Trump Story‚Äô

The Wall Street Journal‚Äôs Potomac Watch columnist Kimberley Strassel details the ‚Äúdevastating case against a Clinton presidency‚ÄĚ that can be made by reviewing the WikiLeaks documents combined with what is already known in the public record. Strassel notes that although ‚Äúthe nation now has proof of pretty much everything [Hillary Clinton] has been accused of,‚ÄĚ […]

WSJ: Migrant Crisis Threatens European Values – AUDIO

Of all the crises to hit Europe over the past years, the migration crisis remains the greatest threat to the survival of the European Union, says the Wall Street Journal. The arrival of more than a million migrants in 2015 provoked panic not so much because the numbers were in themselves unmanageable but because of […]