December 3, 2023

Hawaii senator addresses failed communication leading up to deadly fires

In the wake of the deadly wildfires that engulfed a historic Maui town, Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) said she would not “make any excuses” for the policies that led officials to fail to activate sirens that would have warned residents of the flames that whipped across Lahaina. “I’m not going to make any excuses for

Katy Perry addresses confusion at King Charles coronation after going viral

Katy Perry was among the celebrity guests who received an invitation to His Majesty King Charles III’s “intimate” coronation, but the pop star faced a few obstacles during the royal ceremony. The “Wide Awake” singer appeared confused as to where exactly she was sitting during the coronation. A video shows the 38-year-old singer shuffling up […]

Emily Ratajkowski Addresses that Harry Styles Make-Out Video

Emily Ratajkowski has opened up about that video of her making out with Harry Styles which went viral last month. Speaking with Spanish Vogue, the actress said she “didn’t expect” the video to leak and rebuffed the idea that she and Styles’ recent ex, Olivia Wilde, are feuding. Last month, video footage leaked of Styles

Pete Davidson addresses big-D rumors: ‘Not too big or too small’

Pete Davidson is setting the record straight about his penis size once and for all. The 29-year-old “Saturday Night Live” alum stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Thursday to premiere the first trailer for his Peacock series “Bupkis,” which starts streaming on May 4. The comedian revealed the show’s title came from Davidson’s grandpa commonly […]

Nikki Haley Addresses The Tyranny In Nicaragua.

Nicaragua’s advancing totalitarianism parallels what occurred in Venezuela according to UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. At a recent UN Security Council Meeting she said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega “are cut from the same corrupt cloth. They are both students of the same failed ideology. And they are both dictators who live […]

Must-See Moments: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Addresses the Media’s Double Standard.

The Daily Signal’s Facebook Live show “Top 10” features the top news stories of the week—many of which went misreported by the mainstream media and some of which weren’t reported at all. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressed the media’s double standards during a contentious week. Plus: The U.S.- North Korea summit appears […]

FINALLY, Obama addresses anti-Trump protesters; says 7 words that speak VOLUMES

President Obama has earned a reputation as “divider in chief,” thanks in large part to his racially divisive rhetoric and agenda, and it appears that’s pretty much going to sum up his legacy. Amidst continued violent protests in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory, calls for the rape of incoming First Lady Melania Trump and even […]

BREAKING: Sanders addresses supporters, says THREE WORDS about campaign’s future…

Monday night, after the Associated Press and many other media outlets declared Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democrat nominee, Bernie Sanders refused to bow out. Tuesday evening, Hillary Clinton appeared on track to win four of six primaries — including what appears to be a strong margin in California, a state on which Bernie Sanders had pinned […]

INSPIRING SPEECH: Trump Addresses Supporters Following Victories on Tuesday – VIDEO

UPDATE: Donald Trump now has enough bound delegates to officially clinch the GOP nomination. CAMPAIGN 2016: Trump projected to have enough bound delegates to clinch GOP nomination — Fox News Alert (@foxnewsalert) June 8, 2016   —Original Post— “We’re only getting started, and it’s going to be beautiful.” Donald Trump capped off the official […]