April 24, 2024

72% Of Trump Voters Say Unemployment Handouts Kills Motivation To Join The Workforce, Poll Finds

Seventy-two percent of Former President Donald Trump’s supporters and an overall majority of voters believe that the excessively generous unemployment benefits are to blame for lackluster employment growth, poll results published Thursday show. Participants of the new Hill-HarrisX poll were asked to choose the most accurate out of two statements explaining current U.S. labor market…

Experts: Radical Ideology Is A Clear Motivation For Orlando, Despite Media Claims

During his rampage in a popular LGBT club in Orlando, Omar Mateen called 911 to send a clear message: His allegiance to the Islamic State. After his initial burst of fire, he reaffirmed his pledge to the terrorist group and justified his attack as the “vengeance” of ISIS for U.S.  airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. Politicization of the attack began […]

The New York Times Doesn’t Know ‘The Precise Motivation’ For The Orlando Attack

An article by The New York Times editorial board Wednesday says that the “precise motivation” of Omar Mateen, who pledged allegiance to ISIS, is not clear and mentions Republicans by name but not radical Islam. The article, “The Corrosive Politics That Threaten L.G.B.T Americans,” hits Republican politicians promoting religious freedom and transgender bathroom laws. “While the […]