October 3, 2023

Abbott Announces Special Legislative Session, Setting Up Second Try At Adopting Election Reforms

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott will call back his stateā€™s lawmakers for a special legislative session beginning July 8, where they will have the opportunity to pass a sweeping and hotly contested election reform package into law. Democrats stopped the package from advancing in the state Senate late last month after they quietly left the…

Five Easy, Bipartisan, Fiscally Sane Reforms Biden Should Embrace

From increasing transparency to taking a close look at the F-35, the new president has plenty of popular options available to him.Senate Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and US Vice President Joseph R. Biden(R) participate in a mock swearing-in in the Old Senate Chamber on Capitol Hill January 6, 2015 in Washington, DC.(BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP…

Trump Signed Multiple Drug-Pricing Reforms In 2020. Hereā€™s How They Moved The Needle

Throughout his term, President Donald Trump has signed a series of health care executive orders attempting to accomplish goals long sought by members of both parties. In 2020 alone, Trump has signed orders mandating drug price transparency, allowing Americans to purchase and re-import drugs from Canada and mandating Medicare drug purchases match the lowest comparable…

Senate Budget a Major Step Toward Tax Reform, but Falls Short on Spending Reforms

The Senate passed its fiscal year 2018 budget resolution late Thursday night, paving the way for potentially the most comprehensive tax reform package in decades. The proposal is a significant step toward implementing the president and Congressā€™ tax reform agenda. However, it fails to make significant cuts to federal spendingā€”an important piece of the puzzle […]

Democrats and Media Sing Together: Pro-American Immigration Reforms Are ā€˜Poison Pillā€™

Democratic legislators, progressive advocacy groups, and the established media are singing in harmony: PresidentĀ Donald Trumpā€™s list of pro-American immigrationĀ reform priorities are an illegitimate ā€œpoison pillā€ created by White House adviserĀ Steven Miller who is eager to sabotage a bipartisan, popular and noble welcome for a modest number of child ā€œdreamers.ā€ The toneĀ was set by top Democratic […]

5 Great Reforms Betsy DeVos Will Bring to the Department of Education

On Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence broke a tie in the U.S. Senate to confirm President Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos. Liberals have launched numerous attacks on DeVos, even protesting her nomination with a 24-hour “speechibuster”Ā reminiscent of Ted Cruz’s anti-Obamacare message in 2013. Liberal attacks have branded her an […]

Pope Francis Radically Reforms Marriage Annulment Process, Citing the ā€˜Salvation of Soulsā€™

VATICAN CITY (TheBlaze/AP) ā€” In his latest move that is capturing international attention, Pope Francis radically reformed the Catholic Churchā€™s process for annulling marriages Tuesday, in an effort to speed up, simplify and lower the cost of the oft-times complex procedure. After an expert group was assembled to study how marriage law is handled in […]