June 30, 2022

LIVE: Amber Heard returns to stand in Johnny Depp defamation trial | LiveNOW from FOX

Newsmax correspondent returns after 4 months in Ukraine, reveals shocking truth about war

BREAKING: Barack Obama returns to the White House with President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris

LA Councilman Joe Buscaino Releases Tax Returns as Part of Mayoral Run

LOS ANGELES‚ÄĒLos Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino Monday became the second candidate for mayor of Los Angeles to release his tax returns from the last five years, following City Attorney Mike Feuer. According to Buscaino‚Äôs 2021 tax return, which he filed with his wife Geralyn, the couple‚Äôs adjusted gross income was $291,758, and $257,152 was…

Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 96: Alex Is Back! Lia Thomas Hoax Grows, Supreme Court Confirmation Preview, Dr. Doom Returns, Guest: ‚ÄėLaptop from Hell‚Äô Reporter Emma-Jo Morris

Host Alex Marlow is back behind the microphone after a relaxing vacation and a not-so-relaxing week helping an ailing family member. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is likely to make history as the first Supreme Court justice who will be on the Court as a direct result of race and gender-based preferences. That should be cheating!…

Xi Jinping Returns from the Shadows to Pressure Hong Kong into Coronavirus Lockdown

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, who has been rather quiet on the pandemic front since the supposedly vanquished Wuhan coronavirus began rampaging through Chinese cities again, on Wednesday gave ‚Äúimportant instructions‚ÄĚ to the nominally autonomous Hong Kong government to get its coronavirus outbreak under control. China‚Äôs state-run Global Times naturally portrayed this as grandfatherly Xi giving…

Michael Rapaport returns to NYC Rite Aid where he filmed alleged shoplifter

Michael Rapaport, the actor, returned to the New York City Rite Aid where he filmed an alleged shoplifter calmly walking out of the store with a few bags packed with goods and updated his followers that the store’s shelves are now bare. “I‚Äôm back in my Rite Aid, and there‚Äôs nothing to steal because this […]

Sandra Lee returns to a post-Andrew Cuomo New York for swanky gala

Sandra Lee has made her return to New York following the ousting of former governor Andrew Cuomo. She was previously in California. Cuomo stepped down from his position earlier this year following numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and a probe that found he had in fact sexually harassed several women. The disgraced politician, 63, and […]

Zach Wilson returns, Joe Flacco out for New York Jets

The New York Jets‚Äė quarterback situation isn‚Äôt getting any less chaotic as of Tuesday as rookie quarterback Zach Wilson has been cleared to return, but quarterbacks Mike White and Joe Flacco have been placed on the COVID-19 list…

The USFL Returns: 80s Era League to Return with Rights to Original Team Names

It‚Äôs time to party like it‚Äôs 1983. According to an announcement on Thursday, the USFL will return to the American gridiron in 2022. The 80s era league that experienced a short but lively run from 1983 to 1986 will make its return complete with legal rights to original team names and uniforms. The league will…

Israel Ditches Outdoor Masks, Reopens Schools as Country Returns to Normal

Israelis were no longer required to wear masks outside on Sunday, in another step on the path back to normality as the country‚Äôs aggressive vaccination drive saw coronavirus rates take a steep plunge. The education system also resumed its operations fully on Sunday, and schools reopened without isolation capsules. The Israeli Health Ministry required that…

Freed Egyptian American prisoner returns home following Trump intervention.

After life for street children, have returned to the United States after being releaed in Egypt, following the interventionAya Hijazi and her husband, Mohamed Hassanein, founders of Belady, a nongovernmental organization that promotes a bet of the Trump administration. They had spent nearly three years in prison on charges that were widely regarded as false. […]

Harry Reid Says He ‚ÄėDid What Was Necessary‚Äô By Lying About Mitt Romney‚Äôs Tax Returns

Outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday that he ‚Äúdid what was necessary‚ÄĚ in 2012 when he falsely accused Mitt Romney of not having paid his taxes for 10 years. Reid was asked about those comments, which he made during a speech on the Senate floor, in response to call during a live interview […]

Heh: First Returns From Wisconsin’s Recount Net Hillary Clinton…One Vote

We’ve been saying all along that¬†the system wasn’t hacked and that the recount is a colossal waste of time an energy — so this little data point shouldn’t come as a surprise. But it did make me laugh. Remember how Wisconsin’s Democratic elections chief¬†explicitly¬†warned that a statewide recount likely wouldn’t move the needle much, citing […]

US Tax Expert: NY Times and Clinton Crime Family Commit Criminal Act ‚Äď Publish Donald Trump‚Äôs 1995 Tax Returns

Did the Obama IRS leak these documents too? The corrupt Clinton supporting New York Times released an article today on Donald Trump‚Äôs taxes. ¬†The article¬†reads: The New York Times obtained three pages of Mr. Trump‚Äôs 1995 tax returns, for filings in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, marking the first time any of his actual […]