May 20, 2022

Carl Higbie Interview | Navy SEAL & Newsmax Host

Today I’m joined by Carl Higbie for an interview on First Class Fatherhood. In this Interview, Carl shares his Fatherhood journey which includes two children. He makes a huge family announcement. He discusses an incident in which he was molested as a child, how it has affected him as a Father and what parents need […]

Japan rocked by 7.3-magnitude earthquake: Tsunami advisory issued | LiveNOW from FOX

Blackburn: Manchin's opposition to 'Build Back Broke Blowup' rocked Washington

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., drilled into President Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda Wednesday night on “Hannity,” saying opposition to the bill “rocked” Washington because Democrats “did not get their way.” MARSHA BLACKBURN: I think he may be saving some of these moderate Democrats who are desperately looking for a place to land. And what Joe […]

Catholic Church Rocked By New Scandal: THREE HUNDRED Predator Priests Named In Grand Jury Report.

Photo by Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Images “They were raping little boys and girls.” The Catholic Church is reeling from a new series of sexual abuse allegations this time out of Pennsylvania, where investigators claim that there were more than 300 “predator priests” practicing in six Pennsylvania diocese, as Bishops and Cardinals apparently turned a blind eye. […]

“He’s Out!”: Establishment Democrats Rocked By Joe Crowley Primary Loss To Socialist Millennial

Establishment Democrat Joe Crowley’s nearly two-decade career in Congress came to an end Tuesday night in a shocking primary loss to 28-year-old Democratic Socialist and former Bernie Sanders organizer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – a harsh critic of Israel and immigration enforcement. Crowley – the 56-year-old Chairman of the House Democratic caucus had long been viewed as […]


TASNIM NEWS/AFP / HAMED MALEKPOUR Iranians chant slogans in support of the regime as they march in Tehran on December 30, 2017, after two days of desmonstrations against the country’s religious rulers Iran warns against ‘illegal gatherings’ after protests The Iranian government warned people against further protests on Saturday after two days of demonstrations sparked […]

CNN (Which Is Hitler) Rocked By 4 Massive Scandals In Just 24 Hours

Is it all right if I just take a moment to pat myself on the back? Bear with me a bit here… CNN has always been a left-wing network. Anyone who was around knows that throughout the 1990s, CNN worked overtime to earn its “Clinton News Network” moniker. The network was just as shameless when […]