August 8, 2022

Report: CNN Profits Plunge Below a Billion, Ratings Tank as Warner Bros. Discovery Plans Drastic Cuts

CNN is reportedly on pace to miss its profitability target by a substantial margin amid a continued crash in ratings just as the network’s new parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, is planning to enact drastic cuts across its media properties. The left-wing CNN’s  profitability is expected to decline to $956.8 million this year, marking the…

A Tragedy Forgotten: A 1919 Boston Molasses Tank Explosion That Caused Death and Destruction

An exploding storage tank filled with the sweet and gooey stuff propelled a wave of death and destruction in Boston’s North End in early 1919“Send all available rescue vehicles and personnel immediately,” Boston Police Patrolman Frank McManus managed to relay to dispatch through the call box located on the North End near the harbor. A…

WATCH: Ukrainian forces defeat Russian tank column in remarkable video | Wake Up America

Ukraine crisis: Inside Ukraine’s top secret tank base

Canada’s New Parliament Should Prioritize Freedom of Conscience Protection, Says Think Tank

When Parliament returns this fall it should take steps to better protect freedom of conscience, a vital component in harmonizing diverse views on various social and medical issues in Canada, a new report says. Titled “Our Inner Guide: Protecting Freedom of Conscience” and published by public policy think tank Cardus…

AOC Demands: No Climate Change Money in Spending Package ‘We Will Tank’ Infrastructure Bill

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said Thursday if Democrats do not pass a reconciliation spending packing that includes far-left provisions like money for fighting so-called climate change, she and other “progressives” will “tank” the Democrat infrastructure bill. It is not clear if Ocasio-Cortez’s pledge is necessary given that, to date, no legislation has been introduced…

Golden Globes TV Ratings Tank – Americans Turned Off by Hollywood Hypocrites.

The Golden Globes ratings were down again this year. It probably didn’t help that the Hollywood hypocrites announced they would lecture the nation on sexual abuse at the annual festivities. This is how everyone looked at Oprah during her speech at the Golden Globes — BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) January 8, 2018 Oprah Winfrey led the […]