February 24, 2024

Health Care Weaponized through Electronic Tracking

The algorithms will become the “denial nurse,” the case “health manager,” and the social credit score controller Among the many taglines and slogans, the Marxists are busy inventing, none stands out so bold as “healthcare reinvented.” There is a lot of truth in this tagline as the technocrats are busy reinventing healthcare to better control […]

Christie Says He Doesn’t Believe DOJ Has Been Weaponized Under Biden, Wouldn’t Fire Wray

Former Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey said on Monday that he wouldn’t fire FBI Director Christopher Wray, and said he disagreed with many Republicans who claim the Department of Justice has been weaponized during the Biden administration. CNN host Anderson Copper asked Christie during a CNN town hall if he believed the Justice

The Weaponized Economy of The People’s Republic of China

Lost in this week’s media furor over the separation of immigrant children from their criminal parents was a bombshell report released by the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy (OTMP). The report, released on June 19, details how the People’s Republic of China is using several unfair trade tactics in an attempt to […]

Exclusive–‘Smash and Grab’: Schweizer Explains How Obama Weaponized Regulations to Enrich His Buddies.

Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute, joined Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight to discuss revelations in his latest book, Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends, including how former President Barack Obama’s “smash and grab” strategy allowed friends to buy up various companies for “pennies […]

Report: How Fusion GPS and the Obama Administration Weaponized the Trump Dossier

Did the Obama administration launch an investigation into the Trump campaign based solely off of unverified political opposition research? And was that “research” dressed up and given more credibility than it should have? It appears that way based on an investigation of open-source information by Tablet. The outlet’s investigation begins with a June 24, 2017, Facebook […]

The Left Has Corrupted and Weaponized Academic Research

Liberals try to compensate for the weakness of their ideas by craftily manipulating the narrative of the debate. They are supported by liberal academicians who manipulate their research methodologies to predispose results that are amenable to their liberal sensitivities.  We should be wary because the lack of intellectual diversity undermines the quality of scholarly work, […]