April 24, 2024

Flight attendant settles armrest debate — but is the dilemma really solved?

There’s no rest in this heated controversy. A United Airlines flight attendant is leaning in to the debate over one of air travel’s most ambiguous conundrums: Who, in rows with three seats, is properly entitled to the two middle armrests from takeoff to touchdown? A flight attendant “made an announcement right after boarding to clarify […]

Flight attendant predicts if travelers are sweet, ‘chug beers’ or if they shower just by their shoes

A Spirit Airlines flight attendant revealed the unique way she could tell if a flier is “sweet,” “chugged two to three beers”, or if they showered before a flight — just by seeing what shoes they wear. “Here’s what I’m assuming about you based on the shoes that you’re wearing on the plane coming from […]

Meghan Markle launched new brand on anniversary of ‘freedom flight’ in ‘PR blitz’ that overshadowed William’s Diana tribute

Meghan Markle reportedly launched her shiny new lifestyle brand in a “PR blitz” that overshadowed Prince William’s tribute ceremony to late mom Princess Diana. “Nothing happens by accident with Harry and Meghan,” royal biographer and commentator Phil Dampier told the Daily Mail on Friday. The Prince of Wales, 41, attended the Princess Diana Legacy Awards […]

At least 50 injured after ‘technical problem’ on LATAM flight to Auckland: NZ Herald

At least 50 passengers were injured when a packed Boeing jet suddenly nosedived Monday — sending flyers crashing into the ceiling, leaving bloodstains above their seats. LATAM Airlines Flight LA800 from Sydney, Australia, was about an hour from its destination of Auckland, New Zealand, when “all of a sudden, the plane just dropped out of […]

Ryanair flight diverted after chaotic mid-air brawl, man dragged off plane by police: ‘Bye bye mate!’

A Ryanair flight from the United Kingdom to the Canary Islands was forced to divert to Portugal after a brawl involving eight people erupted mid-flight, according to reports. One passenger was dragged off the flight and arrested when the plane landed in Faro, after the group of drunken vacationers instigated a fight on the plane, […]

JetBlue flight aborts takeoff at JFK over reported fire, mechanical problem scare

A JetBlue flight aborted takeoff on the John F. Kennedy Airport runway Saturday after a fire was reported on board, officials said. The California-bound craft was preparing for departure around 8:30 p.m. when the crew told the control tower of the apparent problem, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The entire plane — which has a […]

Former flight attendant reveals biggest threats to airplane passengers

If you thought turbulence, a bathroom mishap or getting knocked around by the food trolley blasting down the aisle was the scariest thing on a plane, think again. The biggest danger threatening travelers speeding through the sky is an unsuspecting evil that most passengers would have probably never considered. It’s the UV rays which become […]

Pro-Palestinian rioters storm Russian airport, flood runway looking for Israeli flight: officials

A group of protestors in southwestern Russia flooded an airport while chanting anti-Israeli remarks on Sunday night, reportedly searching for passengers from a flight that departed from Tel Aviv. The airport, which is in the city of Makhachkala in the Republic of Dagestan, closed after rioters began flooding the runway, according to Russian aviation authority […]

‘This Is a Biohazard Issue’: Delta Flight Turns Around Due to Passenger’s Diarrhea Accident

A Delta flight en route to Barcelona, Spain, from Atlanta, Georgia, was forced to turn around due to a passenger having diarrhea all over the plane. The airline pilot called the incident into air traffic control two hours into its eight-hour flight on Friday.  “This is a biohazard issue,” the pilot shared to air traffic

NJ-bound Delta flight forced to return to Boston airport over alleged threats

A New Jersey-bound Delta Airlines flight had to return to Boston after police received a tip that a passenger allegedly made threats against the flight. Photo by Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images A New Jersey-bound Delta plane was forced to return to a Boston airport Sunday after police received an anonymous tip that a passenger […]

Biden excuses China’s spy balloon flight as Blinken visits Beijing

President Biden kicked off his first day of campaigning for re-election by making excuses for communist China — saying that President Xi Jinping never meant to fly a spy balloon over sensitive American military sites earlier this year. “I don’t think the leadership knew where it was, and knew what was in it, and knew […]

Southwest Airlines brawl breaks out on Dallas to Phoenix flight: ‘That’s why I beat your a–‘

Drama unfolded on board a Southwest Airlines aircraft in Dallas after a man alleged that another passenger bumped into his wife. In the March 6 incident, video taken by a passenger shows the physical altercation between the two men with other passengers attempting to break up the fight. “You a p—-, you a p—-,” a […]

Straight man accidentally books seat on gay pride-themed flight

George Rogers thought he’d booked a ticket for a standard flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia. So understandably the 29-year-old got quite the shock when he checked in at LAX and realized he’d actually booked a seat on Qantas’ WorldPride flight which was created to bring members of the LGBTQI+ community from the US to Australia […]

New York-bound flight makes emergency landing after flames erupt from wing

An airplane carrying dozens of passengers from Scotland to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York made an emergency landing Friday after flames erupted from a wing. A video of the terrifying incident showed massive sparks bursting from the aircraft as worried passengers cry in the background. Passengers told BBC that they heard a loud […]

Flight Attendant Sues Spirit Airlines Claiming She Was Fired for Being Too Overweight to Fit in Jumpseat

A former flight attendant is suing Spirit Airlines, claiming she was fired because a seat belt in a plane’s jump seat did not fit around her. Chelsia Blackmon’s attorney filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida on November 16, saying that her client was wrongfully terminated, Business Insider

Passenger Found with 3,200 Viagra Pills for ‘His Friends’ on Flight from India, Say Feds

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport seized 3,200 Viagra pills from a man on a return flight from India. The man claimed the more than $96,000 worth of pills were for “his friends.” CBP officers conducting a search of baggage on a flight from India to Chicago O’Hare found eight…

FUEL FOR FLIGHT: White House lifts shipping law to aid Irma exodus

Hurricane Irma: Massive effort to ship fuel into Florida, ease gas shortages The Trump administration has waived a key statute to allow for “as many ships as possible” to bring fuel into Florida, as part of a massive effort to ease gas shortages for Florida residents and others in the path of Hurricane Irma. “We’re […]

Ivanka Trump Harassed on JetBlue Flight

Ivanka Trump and her three young children were victim to an irate passenger during their Thursday flight out of New York. “Your father is ruining the country,” the JetBlue passenger yelled at Ivanka in front of all the passengers on board. “Why is she on our flight? She should be riding private,” the man went […]

EgyptAir Flight Crashes With 66 On Board

An EgyptAir flight traveling from Paris to Cairo crashed early Thursday, according to Egyptian aviation officials.  On whether the crashed was caused by a terror attack or technical problem, Prime Minister Sherif Ismail told reporters, “We cannot rule anything out.” Flight 804, an Airbus A320, was lost from radar at 2:45 a.m. Cairo time (8:45 p.m. EDT) […]

Lebanon Passenger Flight Bound for Portland, Oregon Contained 2 HELLFIRE MISSILES

“Bomb-sniffing dog discovers 2 Hellfire missiles bound for Portland,” AFP, March 13, 2016 (thanks to Armaros): BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbia’s authorities are investigating reports that a cargo package bound for Portland contained two missiles with explosive warheads on a passenger flight from Lebanon. N1 television said the package with two guided armor-piercing missiles was discovered […]

Report: Russian Warhead Took Down Malaysian Airlines Flight

After a thorough investigation, the Dutch Safety Board has concluded that a Russian-made surface-to-air missile took down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. The board’s chairman, Tjibbe Joustra, explained their findings at a press conference Tuesday: Giving what was the most detailed description of the jet’s final moments to date, Joustra said the explosion killed the plane’s […]