June 25, 2022

Gender Self-Identification Could Be Muddling Monkeypox Surveillance Data in UK

The nature of the monkeypox outbreak might be muddled by gender self-identification, according to experts, as it emerged that the one percent of infected female individuals in the UK could in fact be biologically male. An Infectious Disease Behaviorist told The Epoch Times that while it’s true for accuracy that data on both sex and […]

Pickled Green Beans

Walking around the farmers market during summer is temptation at its finest. The season’s bounty offers an array of colorful fruits and veggies to choose from. But beyond tomatoes for crisp salads and blackberries for desserts and jams, there is one underdog that you musn’t forget before summer fades to fall: green beans. Green beans are frequently relegated to […]

AOC Shames Democrats Who Dismiss Term ‘Latinx’ to Win Elections: ‘Gender Is Fluid, Language Is Fluid’

Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) over the weekend went on a “mini rant” against those — including Democrat politicians — who reject woke terminology such as “Latinx,” contending that they are selfish for considering how the general public perceives such attempts to pander. The Democrat New Yorker discussed the “drama” over woke terminology such as…

NYTimes: ‘Gender’ Entirely Overrides Humans’ Male or Female Sex

The New York Times posted a 1,9srcsrc-word article on the risks of “transgender” medical procedures for young people — without mentioning their innate and unchangeable male or female sex. The January 13 article has zero mention of “female,” male,” or even of “sex,” but it does have 3src mentions of “gender” and 23 mentions of…

Omicron Fears Lower Winter 2022 Economic Growth Forecasts as Variant Spreads

Economists are downgrading their global economic growth forecasts for Q1 2022, due to diminished economic returns in December, as businesses and customers struggle with the sudden spread of the Omicron variant. Analysts had anticipated that a winter wave of COVID would lead to a downturn in Q1 2022, but many were caught off guard by the…

Stocks Meander Higher, Scoring Record Highs for S&P 500, Dow

A wobbly day of trading on Wall Street ended with most stock indexes managing slight gains, enough for the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average to score all-time highs. The S&P 500 rose 0.1 percent after having been down 0.2 percent in the early going. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.2 percent and the Nasdaq…

LA Woman Fatally Attacked by 4 Family Dogs

Police tape in Los Angeles, Calif., on Dec. 13, 2018. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times) EAST VALINDA, Calif.—A woman was attacked and killed by her four dogs in the backyard of her home in the East Valinda area of the San Gabriel Valley, authorities said Dec. 29. The attack occurred about 5 p.m. Tuesday on Elizondo Street,…

Biden Wants to ‘Woke’ Up Your Doctor

Commentary The Biden Administration wants to pay doctors to create office “anti-racism plans” that could soon bring full blown critical race theory into your examining room. What’s that you say? You didn’t hear about Congressional legislation to that effect? That’s because there is no such law. Rather, the idea was pushed quietly into implementation by…

Harris Allies Weaponize Race And Gender As Media Sours On Her Performance

Vice President Kamala Harris and her allies are claiming that race and gender are the true reasons behind growing criticism of her performance as vice president.Harris is the first woman or person of color to hold the office, and enjoyed widespread praise from the media for being so. In the year following her and President…

Kristi Noem Advances Bill Requiring Trans Athletes to Compete According to Their Birth Gender

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) has advanced a bill in the state legislature that would codify her executive orders limiting transgender athletes to competing only in categories that correspond to their birth gender. Noem filed the bill on Tuesday to limit K-12 girl’s school sports and state-funded colleges to allowing only natural-born girls to…

Biden Administration Denies Biological Reality, Issues First Passport with ‘X’ Gender Option

The U.S. Department of State, which recently admitted to stranding even more Americans in Afghanistan than previously reported, proclaimed on Wednesday that the United States issued its first passport with an “X” gender designation. According to a report from the Associated Press, the action marks a “milestone” for the “rights of people” who do not…

Teachers’ Union Sues School Board, Mother to Block Release of Critical Race, Gender Theory Records

The Rhode Island chapter of the National Education Association has filed a lawsuit against the South Kingstown School Committee and a parent in order to block the release of records concerning Critical Race Theory (CRT) and gender teaching in the school district, Legal Insurrection reported Wednesday. The teachers’ union now claims, in the complaint filed…

Barack Obama Joins NBA to Promote ‘Gender Equality, Social Responsibility’ in Africa

Former President Barack Obama has announced that he is joining the National Basketball Association to promote “social responsibility” in Africa. Obama will assist the NBA to bring woke gender politics to African nations to push “greater gender equality and economic inclusion,” the league announced in a Tuesday press release. The partnership will go deeper than…

Taxpayers Will Now Pay for Transgender Veterans’ ‘Gender Reassignment’ Surgery 

President Joe Biden’s Veteran Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough said the federal government now is in the business of helping veterans undergo surgery to alter their biological sex. McDonough said in prepared remarks that the Department of Veteran Affairs will move to make “gender reassignment” surgery available to veterans. This is in stark contrast to the…

‘What The Hell?’: Tucker Carlson Responds To Rep Steve Cohen’s ‘Grotesque’ Comments On Racial, Gender Makeup Of National Guard

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson responded Monday to Democratic Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen’s comments concerning the race and sex of the members of the National Guard protecting the U.S. Capitol and how that might contribute to an inside threat. Cohen appeared Monday on “CNN Newsroom” and told host Jim Sciutto that “the [National] Guard is 90…

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Signs Bill Creating Third Gender Option For Birth Certificates

If you have a baby in New York City, you no longer have to assign it a gender at birth, thanks to a new bill signed into law Wednesday morning by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. The bill will allow those seeking to describe themselves as “gender non-binary” to apply for new birth certificates that […]

WikiLeaks Exposes Hillary’s Hypocritical Gender Pay Gap

In April, we found out that the Clinton Foundation pays its female employees 38 percent less than its male employees. This past week, WikiLeaks has provided some numbers to put that disparity into perspective. In the following exchange, uncovered from a hack into Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s emails, Hillary Clinton’s staff were concerned about a “huge” […]

UNREAL: Military Removing ‘Man’ From Job Titles, Citing Gender Equality

The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps are getting a progressive make-over.  The word ‘man’ will be dropped from each job and rating description to make them inclusive and gender-neutral. Long gone are the days of ordnanceman, corpsman, or naval aircrewman- the new rating could be called ordinance person, health assistant, and aircrew assistant. “This is one more step in […]

Obama’s America: Look what kindergartners are being taught about GENDER from now on

At this point I can’t help but wonder if liberals are looking to confirm some conservatives’ characterizations of the public education system as indoctrination centers. Obama recently launched a transgender bathroom directive for public schools following the North Carolina controversy, but it appears many schools were already on board. As Truth Revolt reports: Under new […]

UNREAL: De Blasio Forces Businesses to Acknowledge New Gender Identities or Face Fines

In December, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio introduced the Gender Identity/Gender Expression Legal Enforcement Guide for businesses, requiring them to acknowledge 31 gender identities. This week, the city’s Commission of Rights outlined a new list of gender pronouns, including terms such as “bi-gendered,” “femme queen,” “genderqueer,” and “gender gifted.” Should employers fail to recognize these identities, […]

Hillary Clinton Endorses Obama’s Decree on Transgender Bathrooms, Gender Identity

Hillary Clinton is cautiously backing President Barack Obama’ controversial decree that forces the nation’s 100,000 K-12 public schools to open bathrooms and locker rooms to people who claim to be transgender. Over the weekend, a Clinton spokesperson said Hillary is supportive of Obama’s demands, but provided only a vaguely written endorsement that reduces the risk […]

Obama’s Attorney General: ‘Gender Identity’ More Important Than Sexual Privacy, Opponents Are Like Racists

Attorney General Janet Lynch argued May 9 that any one person’s desire to choose a male or female “gender identity” is more important than Americans’ right to sexual privacy in shared public facilities, such as bathrooms and school locker rooms.  “This action is about a great deal more than just bathrooms,” Lynch declared Monday, without […]