June 29, 2022

Gutfeld: The death of legacy media is upon us

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! What an amazing week we’ve had. For one, the legacy media is dying.  What is the legacy media, you ask? Exactly my point. In another year or two, it’s going to be a distant memory, a relic, part of a bygone era like silent films, 8-track tapes, […]

Gutfeld: Biden is making Republicans more popular than they’ve ever been

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! You know how bad Joe was yesterday? Even CNN had to break character, which is like one of the guards at Buckingham Palace giving you the finger.  VAN JONES: You could be a foggy, meandering president — say, like Reagan near the end — if you’re winning. […]

Gutfeld: The out-of-touch media should be glad Americans haven’t caught on to them

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! This is a great show, and I’m a great person. I’m a great person.  Happy Jan. 11, America. Yes, Jan. 11. Just a year ago today, it was also Jan. 11. I know — never forget.  So why is Jan. 11 so important? Because it’s this great […]

Greg Gutfeld: Here’s my advice for airlines dealing with unruly passengers

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! First, some encouraging news about the pandemic.  A sampling today from wastewater facilities in Florida found that 100 percent of them contained the omicron strain, meaning it was in everyone’s poop.  Now I know that sounds bad, except that when it comes to people seeking treatment for […]

Greg Gutfeld: We all saw this coming

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! As you know, just hours after our All-American Christmas tree was torched by a babbling madman, not to be confused with Geraldo, a new tree was erected and looks absolutely fabulous. So a big ‘thank you’ to that adorable tiny elf Dana Perino, and all her tiny […]

Greg Gutfeld: This is why the media fell for Jussie Smollett's hoax

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! It seemed like only yesterday that the media made a fussie over Jussie. The Real: I don’t like that it’s being put out there in the media that this is a possible hate crime// Gayle King: a lot of questions in this case, but I know Jussie […]

Waukesha parade attack won't get 'wall-to-wall' coverage because it's the 'wrong narrative': Greg Gutfeld

“The Five” panel discussed Monday the past criminal history of the suspected attacker in the Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas parade tragedy. “Ridiculous liberal bail reform policies [are] at the center of the horrific Christmas parade attack that killed five people and injured 48 others,” co-host Jesse Watters said.  The five victims – Virginia Sorenson, 79; LeAnna […]

Joe Biden 'has blood on his hands' with COVID: Greg Gutfeld

There are more reported deaths in 2021 with COVID-19 versus 2020 despite widely-available vaccines, Greg Gutfeld pointed out on “The Five” Monday.  President Joe Biden receives a COVID-19 booster shot during an event in the South Court Auditorium on the White House campus, Monday, Sept. 27, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) “Not […]

‘I Don’t Know If You Can Find A Larger A**’: Greg Gutfeld Says CNN Covered Up Violent Crime For Political Reasons

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Friday that CNN had ignored and even covered up violent crime for political reasons. Referencing a Thursday evening shooting in Washington, D.C. — which CNN’s Jim Acosta witnessed — Gutfeld argued that the network had done its best to dismiss spikes in violent crime until they had landed so…

‘Any Sane Person Would Say Hell No’: Greg Gutfeld Says White House Can’t Be Trusted To Identify ‘Misinformation’

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Friday that the White House should not be trusted to identify and flag “misinformation” for Facebook. Gutfeld and “The Five” co-host Jesse Watters argued that the White House did not have the best track record when it came to identifying false narratives — and that the “collusion” between the…

‘No Transparency’: Greg Gutfeld Calls Joe Biden The ‘Paid Spokesman’ For A Product No One Will Ever See

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Thursday that President Joe Biden’s strategy in the White House was no different than his policy on the campaign trail — and it centered on a lack of transparency. Gutfeld argued on Fox News’ “The Five” that the White House was intentionally trying to prevent people from seeing just…

Greg Gutfeld Pans ‘Joe And Kamala’s Awful Adventure’: ‘The 1970s Called, They Want Their Unmitigated Disasters Back’

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld criticized President Joe Biden’s administration for bringing back the “unmitigated disasters” of the 1970s. Gutfeld ran through a list of issues during Wednesday’s “The Five,” from inflation and shortages at gas stations to unemployment and unrest in the Middle East, arguing that if the administration were a time-travel movie it…

‘Oh, God Help Us’: Greg Gutfeld Loses Patience With Juan Williams During Testy Spat On Immigration

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld appeared to lose patience with co-host Juan Williams during Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Five.” Gutfeld and co-host Jesse Watters challenged Williams over his assessment that President Joe Biden’s administration was doing a good job handling the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border. (RELATED: ‘Sure, A Few Kids Drown. Some Get Raped’:…

‘Gutfeld!’ on Fox News Beats Jimmy Fallon, Bill Maher, ‘The Daily Show’ in Debut Week

Viewers who have grown tired of late-night comedy’s incessant left-wing bias made their feelings known last week by giving Fox News Channel’s Gutfeld! a strong debut, handily beating NBC’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon while nipping at the heels of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! Gutfeld!, which stars long-time The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld, drew an average…

‘Pretentious Virtue Signalling’: Greg Gutfeld Mocks Decision By MLB To Move All Star Game Over Georgia Voting Law

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld dismissed a decision by Major League Baseball (MLB) to move the All Star Game from Atlanta over Georgia’s new election law as “pretentious virtue signalling.” “It is awesome watching Major League Baseball pull this pretentious virtue signalling when all major league baseball platforms for the All Star Game, fans can…

‘Breaking Up With The American Public’: Greg Gutfeld Says Biden Is Ditching US For ‘Hot New Exotic Partner, The World’

February 19, 2021 5:48 PM ET Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Friday that President Joe Biden was “breaking up with the American public” in favor of “hot new exotic partner, the world.” Gutfeld took a moment on “The Five” to lay out a series of foreign policy problems that Biden didn’t inherit because of…

‘It Makes Me Sick’: Greg Gutfeld Blasts Andrew Cuomo’s Emmy Award While Trump Gets ‘Enmity’ Instead

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld slammed society for rewarding and punishing people based on words rather than actions. Using Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Donald Trump as his examples, Gutfeld compared their responses to the coronavirus pandemic and the way they were treated in the media. (RELATED: ‘Turn Off The Damn Twitter…

Gutfeld Rips John Kerry: ‘Biden Made Him Climate Czar Because He Mistook Him For A Tree’

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld Tuesday dismissed President-elect Joe Biden’s cabinet picks and said he selected former Secretary of State John Kerry as his “climate czar because he mistook him for a tree.” “First there’s Kerry — what the morticians call a discount special,” Gutfeld said in his opening monologue on Fox News’ “The Five.”…

Gutfeld on America’s unending chaos

Welcome to chaos, coast to coast!Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best resigned Tuesday, saying: “I informed mayor [Jenny] Durkan of my intent to retire from the Seattle Police Department, effective September 2, 2020. For me personally this was a decision I wrestled with, but it was time.”The police chief stepped down after leftists defunded her force.OUTGOING…

Greg Gutfeld: Trump’s midterm message –America or Venezuela, it’s your choice.

Donald Trump unleashed his midterm message Wednesday inside our nation’s hotel doormat — USA Today —  predicting that, if elected, Democrats will turn us into Venezuela, where the currency is printed on perforated rolls because it’s worth less than toilet paper.  In fact, toilet paper is a rare commodity there. — Never shake hands with a […]