September 24, 2022

Watch Live: Pro-Abortion, ‘Black Feminist Future’ ‘Juneteenth’ March

A group of “Black Feminist” activists are marching towards the U.S. Supreme Court on Juneteenth weekend in support of their pro-abortion policies.  The organization Black Bodies for Black Power organized the march that will start on 6th Street NE & 226 4th Street NE and make its way to the Supreme Court. These activists are…

March for our Lives rally, Inflation, Summit of the Americas & more top stories | LiveNOW from FOX

CBP Reports Biden-Era Record of 210K Migrant Apprehensions in March

Border Patrol officials report that agents apprehended nearly 21src,srcsrcsrc migrants who illegally crossed the southwest border with Mexico in March. The apprehensions mark a new record for the Biden administration as they move closer to ending the Title 42 migrant expulsion program. U.S. Customs and Border Protection sneaked out the March Southwest Land Border Encounters…

Over 221,000 Illegal Immigrants Encountered at Southwest Border in March: DHS Report

The United States detained a record number of illegal immigrants on its southwest border last month, with arrest numbers reaching the highest point in two decades, according to court filings by officials from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). “For the month of March 2022, DHS reported 221,303 total encounters at the Southwest Border. This…

Rep. Jodey Arrington | National Report on Newsmax – March 29, 2022

U.S. Economy Added 431,000 Jobs in March, Unemployment Fell to 3.6%

file/Getty Images The U.S. economy added 431,00 jobs in March and the unemployment rate fell to 3.6 percent, the Department of Labor said Friday. Economists had expected the economy to add 490,000 jobs and the unemployment rate to tick down to 3.7 percent from 3.8 percent. The range of forecasts by economists surveyed by Econoday was between a gain…

America’s Newsroom 3/8/22 Today | FOX BREAKING NEWS March 8, 22

REPORT: Putin recruiting Syrian fighters for Ukraine invasion | National Report

On Monday’s “National Report,” Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (Ret.) reacted to reports Russia is recruiting Syrian fighters in the hopes that their skill in urban combat will help Moscow overthrow Kyiv, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115, Dish 216, Spectrum (see channels), Cox, Optimum, U-Verse 1120, FiOS 615, Suddenlink, […]

URGENT!! TRUMP BREAKING NEWS 3/8/22 Today [3PM] – Fox Breaking News Trump March 8, 2022

The Big Sunday Show 3/6/22 Today | FOX BREAKING NEWS March 6, 22


Newsmax PUNKED By Fake Interview Guest… TWICE!

Newsmax was tricked by some pranksters pretending to be Bush-era Defense Department official Paul Wolfowitz – not once, but twice. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET. Read more HERE: “It’s embarrassing for a news channel to get tricked by pranksters. It’s really embarrassing when […]

Fox & Friends 3/7/22 Today | FOX BREAKING NEWS March 7, 22

FOX & Friends 3/7/22 – fox & friends full | Fox Breaking News Trump March 7, 2022 FOX & Friends 3/7/22 BIDEN resignFOX & Friends 3/7/22 – FOX & Friends 3/7/22 full Harris resignFOX & Friends 3/7/22 – FOX & Friends 3/7/22 full Pelosi resign FOX & Friends 3/7/22,breaking fox news today 7 feb,2022,FOX & […]

Fox & Friends 3/6/22 Today | FOX BREAKING NEWS March 6, 22

FOX and Friends 3/6/22 – FOX and Friends full | Fox Breaking News Trump March 6, 2022 FOX and Friends 3/6/22 BIDEN resignFOX and Friends 3/6/22 – FOX and Friends 3/6/22 full Harris resignFOX and Friends 3/6/22 – FOX and Friends 3/6/22 full Pelosi resignFOX and Friends 3/6/22 Donald trump comeback FOX and Friends 3/6/22,breaking […]

BREAKING: U.S. postpones missile test after Russia raised its nuclear threat level

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby announces that the US will postpone a missile test after Russia raised its nuclear threat level – Via Newsmax’s ‘American Agenda.’ Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115, Dish 216, Spectrum (see channels), Cox, Optimum, U-Verse 1120, FiOS 615, Suddenlink, CenturyLink 1209, Mediacom 277, Fubo, Sling, WOW!, Armstrong, or the […]

Lawrence Jones Cross Country 3/5/22 Today | FOX BREAKING NEWS March 5, 22

Lawrence Jones Cross Country 3/5/22 Today | FOX BREAKING NEWS March 5, 22 Lawrence Jones Cross Country 3/5/22 BIDEN resignLawrence Jones Cross Country 3/5/22 – Lawrence Jones Cross Country 3/5/22 full Harris resignLawrence Jones Cross Country 3/5/22 – Lawrence Jones Cross Country 3/5/22 full Pelosi resign Lawrence Jones Cross Country 3/5/22,breaking fox news today 5 […]

Nova Scotia to Lift All COVID-19 Restrictions in March

Nova Scotia is set to remove the vaccine passport system by the end of February, while all other COVID-19 restrictions will end on March 21, Premier Tim Houston said. “Assuming everything stays on course, effective March 21 all remaining COVID restrictions in Nova Scotia will be gone,” he said on Feb…

Report: Illinois Gov. Pritzker to End State Mask Mandate ‘Before March 1’

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) will announce on Wednesday the end of his statewide mask mandate effective “before March 1,” according to sources with knowledge of the announcement. NBC 5 Chicago reporter Mary Ann Ahern first reported on the governor’s expected announcement. “@GovPritzker will announce Wednesday he’s dropping #IndoorMaskMandate — except in schools (lawsuit appeal…


American truckers are now organizing a “Convoy to DC 2022”, inspired by the nationwide support and social media attention being received by Canada’s “Freedom Convoy.” Like their Canadian brothers and sisters up north, those involved in the budding American protest say they are against current vaccine mandates that require truckers to show proof of vaccination […]

LIVE: ‘Defeat the Mandates’ March in Washington

This Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022, NTD and The Epoch Times will livestream the “Defeat the Mandates” March, which will begin at 11 a.m. ET from Washington Monument to Lincoln Memorial in Washington. At 12:30 p.m. ET, a wide range of featured guests will be waiting. Recording artists…

One Million March protest in Brussel Against Health Restrictions.

Double camera accelerated aerial crossing of the biggest European protest against health restrictions. Demonstration on January 23, 2023, whose slogans were: against health restrictions, for freedom, democracy, and human rights.

Photos: Tens of Thousands of High School and College Students Gather in D.C. to March for Life

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia — Thousands of pro-life high school and college students from across the country gathered at the National Mall in Washington, DC, Friday to attend the 49th annual March for Life. A crowd of an estimated 50,000-plus mostly young people rallied near the Washington Monument before marching to the Supreme Court to…

End of Lockdowns? Boris Looks to Scrap All Coronavirus Restrictions in March

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is reportedly looking to abolish all remaining coronavirus restrictions by March as the push to return to normality has gained traction amid steadily decreasing cases of the Chinese virus. Later this Month, MPs will gather to vote on an extension of the ‘Plan B’ restrictions which were put in place…

Gordon Chang: China may march on Taiwan after the Olympics | Wake Up America

American universities reimpose COVID restrictions over omicron variant: 'Reminiscent' of March 2020

Several colleges and universities across America are reimposing restrictions on their campuses due to the recent rise in the omicron variant of the coronavirus. Several universities, such as Georgetown, George Washington and Cornell, have decided to either cancel all indoor events or hold them online, among other restrictions. Georgetown University, for example, is restricting all […]

Women's March apologizes for email reporting an average donation of $14.92: 'A year of colonization'

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! The Women’s March apologized on Tuesday after sending out an email reporting an average donation of $14.92, a figure reflecting the year Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas. “We apologize deeply for the email that was sent today. $14.92 was our average donation amount this week,” the […]

Despite threats from the regime, Cuban protestors plan to march on November 15

Over 120 cities worldwide plan to join in solidarity. Cuba N15 Protests | Shutterstock On November 15, some Cubans are planning to demonstrate in support of democracy, human rights, the release of political prisoners and political freedom on the island. The protests are organized by the group Archipiélago, led by Cuban playwright Yunior Garcia. Thousands […]

Watch: Women’s March Speaker Says Abortion Is a Fight for Trans Men

A speaker at a Women’s March in Savannah, Georgia, on Saturday said the fight for the right to kill unborn children in the womb also applies to “trans men.” “This is an issue that has been affecting moms, their daughters, their granddaughters, their great granddaughters, trans men — it’s been affecting people for 50 years…

Watch Live: Hundreds of Anti-Police Protesters March in DC

Hundreds of anti-police and Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets in Washington, DC, on Friday night. Protests are expected to continue daily as the trial for Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd comes to a close in Minneapolis. Protest in DC tomorrow night. BLM Plaza @ 8PM. Saturday Night @ 8PM…

U.S. Economy Added 916,000 Jobs in March, Unemployment Fell to 6.0%

The U.S. economy added 916,000  jobs in March and the unemployment rate ticked down to 6.0 percent, the Labor Department said in its monthly labor assessment Friday, smashing expectations. Most analysts had predicted Friday’s report would show between 439,000 and one million new positions added to payrolls in March. The median forecast was for 658,000 and…

FACT CHECK: Does This Image Show A March 2021 Protest In The Netherlands?

An image shared on Facebook claims to show a scene from a recent protest in the Netherlands. Verdict: False The image is from a 2013 protest in Bulgaria, not a 2021 event in the Netherlands. Fact Check: A large protest against COVID-19 restrictions took place on March 20 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and ended with police…